Cowboys Stadium officially opened for business in 2009 with a big Country music concert last night with over 60,000 people in attendance.  The first act in the new “House that Jones Built” was country music legends George Straight and Reba McEntire along with special guests Blake Shelton, and Lee Ann Womack.  Jerry Jones and family were also in attendance and thought the whole show and opening gala surrounding  it was “incredible” and a “joy” at finally seeing ten years of work come to pass with the stadium’s grand opening.

Although I wasn’t there, I have to say that this was a fitting start to what will certainly be one of the nation’s top venues for all types of entertainment, not to mention Cowboys football, for quite some time.  George Strait was, and still is, one of the best musicians in the country.

We here at Cowboysgab attempted to keep our readers updated on the construction progress of the new stadium and we are very excited it has finally opened for business.  It is truly the quality of stadium deserving of “America’s Team” and any other non-sporting event as well.  Maybe it should have been named “America’s Stadium” instead of Cowboys Stadium.

Let’s hope that the Cowboys can put it to good use this year by winning their first playoff game in over a decade.  Wouldn’t that be sweet!

On a side note, I have since started reading the “Cowboys Top 50 List” on the Cowboys homepage and I have to say “good luck with that one” to Mickey Spagnola and Co.  I did that very thing here on Cowboys gab about 2 years ago, I believe, and I am still getting lots of feedback from folks about it.  Not all of it is very favorable either, I might add, as people are quite convinced that they know just exactly who and who should not be at what place on the list!  And if your’s doesn’t match up to theirs, then just be prepared to hear about it.