Deadline Comes and Goes as Favre Leaves Vikings Twisting in the Wind

The deadline imposed by the Vikings on Brett Favre has officially come and gone with no word from either side. Is this a surprise to anyone ? If Brad Childress thought he could make Favre “Blink” on this one then he is either naive or just plain dumb. Neither is true.

So, where are we now ? Well, from my perspective, we are right back where we started. Make no mistake about who is in charge. Favre will decide on if and/or when he will play for the Minnesota Vikings. Be it this week, or three days before training camp officially opens…….and the Vikings will welcome him with open arms.

What choice does Childress have ? A team loaded with talent at every position except quarterback simply cannot refuse a chance to snare a player of Favre’s status. Childress has been rendered impotent in this drama.

The line Childress attempted to draw in the sand was an obvious ploy to illicit the illusion of being in charge. It was his desperate ploy to save face . Who could blame him ? None of this is surprising. What is surprising is the way that Favre continues to allow him to dangle. This is not an attractive component in the Mississippi mans character.

So now that Favre has called his bluff, Childress has little choice but to continue as if it doesn’t matter. With little or no reaction at all. No announcements, no pretense and business as usual. The team must move on and prepare itself as if Favre will not be taking snaps under center.. Sound familiar ?

Childress knows that his ability to lead depends in part on the perception that he is in charge. That he makes the decisions and is thus beyond reproach in this realm. Favre’s conduct, whether intended or not, seriously jeopardizes said perception.

I believe that Brad Childress is a man of character. He has taken over a team fresh from the “Love Boat” scandal and restored pride and dignity to a franchise in need of direction. Like anyone else, I have my own questions concerning play calling, talent evaluation, delegation of duties etc. But I don’t question the mans commitment to ethics and merit.

The Sporting News ranks Brad Childress as a respectable 11th best coach out of 32 and had the following to say about him: “ The team has gotten better every year under his watch in Minnesota, and last season he got the Vikings to the playoffs without a strong quarterback.”

This whole fiasco makes me wonder if Favre cares about anything but Favre. His massive ego has done much to tarnish his legacy. Ask Green Bay GM Ted Thompson who has been much maligned by Favre. Ask his former coach Mke McCarthy who is among those “Thrown under the bus” by the future hall-of-famer. Ask Sage Rosenfels, Tarvaris Jackson or John David Booty who’s NFL futures are entwined with whatever he finally decides.

So, for now we sit and wait. We speculate and twist along with Brad Childress in the wind on every update. As articles like this present today’s news as ……No news at all.

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8 Responses to “Deadline Comes and Goes as Favre Leaves Vikings Twisting in the Wind”

  1. bica says:

    Favre proves again that he only cares about himself. Since the Vikings seem to want him so badly, and disregard everything he did to his former team, maybe they deserve him.

  2. Mark says:

    What deadline? The Vikings never stated any deadline, Favre never said anything about a deadline. The media said there was a deadline. The same media that said Childress was in Mississippi meeting with Favre, when at that exact moment there was a TV camera showing him walking into his office in Minneapolis.

    Neither the Vikings nor Favre has any requirement to meet “deadlines” that people in the media make up.

  3. PackerNotFavreFan says:

    Favre has proven that Thompson and tha Packers were right. Amazingly the Packers front office has been able to keep their composure and quietly take all the maligning from the fans and the media…while Favre shows what a jerk he is.

  4. tixy360 says:

    With the latest quotes from Favre’s agent Friday regarding his comment that if the Vikings are interested in bringing Favre in that “they(vikings) should be pulling out all the stops”. this tells me that the negotiation dance has begun. Favre’s shoulder obviously has heeled enough to prompt Bus Cook to make the statements that he did on May 5. When Cook was asked if Favre is going to have the shoulder surgery or already had the surgery Cooks response was “no comment”.

  5. Cheeze says:

    As articles like this present today’s news as ……No news at all.
    Then why bother writing it at all? Did it occur to you he might be waiting to see how his arm heals or would you rather act like it’s a insult to you? If he can play and wants to fine, the Vikings we set without him. Yes adding him would be huge if healthy but in the end Favre owes the media and Vikings nothing.It’s june, not September. Favre and Bevel are on the same page so other then some minor chemistry and communication details he could walk in opening day and win games. First lets see if he’s healthy and has the desire. Thers your story.

  6. iowachick says:

    Today we hear Favre had surgery in May and is not recovered to the point he can play with the pros. These deadlines did not exist. No team wants Brett if he can’t play, and Brett does not want to be out there wounded and not at 100%.

    Leave him alone. The only news there really is is that Brett is still working on the health of his arm, which has been true since season’s end. He’s not dangling anyone.

    By the way, I don’t think the Packers have been restrained. Most of the critical Favre articles have somehow found their way to the Packer News. They are letting the press hang their legacy player.

  7. Dieter says:

    I’m so disgusted with the vikings.. We’re a quarterback away from being a real contenter for the super bowl and what do we do? Childress sits around with his head up his @$$ while the chiefs sign Cassel, the Bucs sign Leftwhich, the Raiders sign Garcia, and the Bears sign Cutler!!! We sign Sage Rosenfels!!! And now, we’re thinking about bringing in Brett Favre and just handing him the offense… How is bringing in a 40 year old, INT prone, QB who’s arm will give out in October an upgrade from a young, mobile, inconsistant QB with a pretty strong arm?
    Sport News have him #11? What a bunch of idiots. Mike Tice had a 9-7 on his last year, with way less talent, a cheap owner, the last payroll on coaches & assistants, a facility with holes in the ceiling, etc. This clown has a better record by 1, with tons of money thrown at free agents (Allen, Berrian, Madieu Williams, Chester T and others), he had the Purple Jesus falling on his lap, he has more coaches and assistants than anybody on the league and what does he picks to drive a Mercedes? A young QB from a div2 school. My goodness, what an idiot…

  8. Cheeze says:

    Look what the Vikes did with what they had last year. Favre would up grade them a lot, he knows Bevel and his system. His arm didnt “give out” he tore his bicep. Believe me Favre won’t come back unless he knows he can give 100% all year. That would be the best thing to happen since they hired Bud Grant. And yes he needs to watch his INT’s, it’s been a problem for years, he also will have over 500 TD’s if he plays. Both QBs the Vikes have now will learn a lot from a HOFer. It’s the best shot the Vikes have at winning a Superbowl if they ever will.