I think I’m probably alone in thinking this, but I am starting to get a little concerned with the amount of weird crap that seems to happen to Adrian Peterson.  Just look at the last six months and the reports of his father calling Coach Childress to remind him to remind Adrian to hold the ball “high and tight” and the incident where some folks at a small Iowa College made up a story about Adrian Peterson donating a huge amount of money to save their floundering football program.

Now, USA Today reports that #28 has been punk’d… to a certain extent.  Actually, it’s his father, Nelson Peterson who tells the tale.

Peterson went public after the Pro Bowl this year with his aspiration to gain ten to twelve pounds and get his weight up to 230.  Childress immediately went public with a polite response that boiled down to “no way I’m letting you do that.”

Well, according to Old Man Peterson, Adrian was chatting it up with some veterans, which included Ray Lewis, at the Pro Bowl and they gave him a secret recipe to become truly unstoppable.  The recipe?  Pack on the pounds.

Apparently (am I the only one who finds this story to be really freaking bizarre?) Adrian took the “wise” advice from his elders to heart and decided to pack on the pounds.  And also to make his plans become public.

Well, according to Nelson Peterson, it was he that intervened on this plan and convinced Adrian that the older defensive players were trying to “set him up.”

I find it odd that his father, not any of the coaches or trainers in the Vikings organization, was the one who brought this to his attention.

At any rate, Adrian will not be playing at 230 pounds this season.  In fact, he claims that he’s dropped some pounds and then regained it as muscle in his thighs.  More muscle combined with his blazing speed and arsenal of jukes should be enough to make Ray Lewis regret that little joke when the Vikings host the Ravens in October.  Especially when the same article sites Peterson’s self-criticism for not getting 2,000 yards this season.

While I still have this slight worry in the back of my mind of all these weird things that follow our super star runner around, there is no doubting that he’s a man on a mission and there is no reason not to believe him when he says he’s going to have his best season yet in 2009.

All of this Kirstie Alley type speculation is sure to go away once Peterson takes his first snap against Cleveland.