• The Ravens have invited undrafted Center from UTEP, Robby Felix to camp. His story is special as just six months ago Felix suffered a stroke and is attempting to become only the second player in NFL history to play after such an ordeal.

This is one of those stories that you hope works out. Felix, a four year starter at UTEP had hoped to be drafted as high as the third round. However no teams took a chance on him and the Ravens were the only team to offer him an invite to a camp.

This move also sense in attempting to shore up depth behind Matt Birk. In another somewhat related move, fourth-round draft pick from 2008, David Hale is making the switch from Tackle to Center as well.
I really liked the Birk signing, as he should bring a ton of experience to a young line but I do worry about injury.

  • Backup tight end Quinn Sypniewski is “questionable” for the start of training camp after having surgery last week to reattach a piece of bone in his knee, Todd Heap is having lower back trouble, and L.J. Smith is battling groin issues. Who’s left?

That would be converted linebacker Edgar Jones and rookie Davon Drew. Jones has been inconsistent in drills but still shows promise. Drew on the other hand has shown well so far with good size (6?4?) and hands.

The big question is Heap and weather or not he still has something left in the tank. He still has a host of nagging injuries and his production is way down. I haven’t given up on him yet, as long as he gets healthy that is. He did play another full season in 2008 and rookie schemes limited his opportunities.

L.J. Smith being hurt isn’t surprising as some of my Eagles friends are quick to point out to me. I am a bit upset at Sypniewski’s status and don’t think that he’ll be ready for action. At this rate, the Ravens will stick with what they have and if the rookie develops you may see some of Drew.

  • John Harbaugh and Greg Mattison got to Camden Yards to witness the debut of Matt Wieters.

I point this out only because I’m finding that Harbaugh is showing himself to be not just a good coach but a very smart man. When asked about Wieters he simply said, “I’m jacked.” Spoken like a true fan Coach.

Harbaugh has been smart to integrate himself into the community and also made an appearance to support the Terps basketball team and Bischotti backer , Gary Williams. It’s the little things that fans in this town take notice of and seeing the leader of the purple and black take in a ball game to root for the home team is just good P.R. or didn’t anyone see the uproar that Coach Cowher caused rooting for the Hurricanes?

  • Lastly I have to share this with you from the wild rumor file. Maybe you heard it but,  it’s not true. The rumor was the Ravens were considered giving a first round pick in 2010 to the Denver Broncos for Wide Reciever, Brandon Marshall.

False. Take a breath and look closer and you’ll see this deal has no way of getting done. I’m sure from Baltimore’s side a first rounder for the skills of a reciever who caught over 100 passes his last two seasons and is only 25 would seem like a steal.

But, Marshall just had his domestic abuses charges  aired  on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines”. There is a lot that still hasn’t been figured out with that case which would bring his current status in doubt. Did I mention he’s unhappy with his contract in Denver? Pass.