Favres Future Football

Yahoo is reporting that Brett Favre has informed the Vikings that he plans to stay retired.  This would explain why Brad Childress showed up at Winter Park this morning when everyone thought he was in Mississippi.

Now, Favre has changed his mind many times over the past four or five years, so don’t be surprised when this story doesn’t die.  There is already much speculation floating around that this is just a power play by Bus Cook to try and milk more money out of the Vikings, who are supposedly the only team showing any interest in the veteran signal caller.

Given the way Cook has handled similar situations in the past with Favre, and more recently Jay Cutler, this would not be too much of a surprise.  However, Favre is expected to publicly announce his decision soon.    Given the way this story has become a roller coaster ride, I would not be surprised if “soon” is not soon enough for things to take another change.

In the mean time, the Vikings will focus on their competition between Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels.