Raiders Owner Al Davis: The Alpha and Omega

Al Davis stands alone. In an era when fans and coaches are use to dealing with rich fat cats as the owners of their professional athletic teams Al Davis comes from a different place and time. This is why Al Davis is misunderstood.

Al Davis is the ultimate maverick. This was proven once again in the 2009 NFL Draft. While the experts and talking heads espoused their opinions as to what the Oakland Raiders should do Davis made his own decision regardless as to what the rest of the football world would think. With the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders selected Darrius Heyward-Bey wide receiver from Maryland the man with the fastest 40 yard dash time at the combine.. When Commissioner Roger Goodell stepped away from the podium the horse laughs began. Al Davis never heard them. More importantly he doesn’t care about them and he never will. The one thing that Al Davis understands is that you cannot teach speed. You can ask anyone in the league, what is the NFL game predicated on today? The answer is speed.

When the Colts, Chiefs or Patriots make an unusual move in the draft it is called “bold”, the experts start searching to try to figure out what they missed. When Al Davis does it everyone laughs. I think ultimately Mr. Davis will have the last laugh.

Ever since 1963 Al Davis has searched for and usually found impact players. With Art Powell, Clem Daniels, Warren Wells, Daryle Lamonica all the way to the present day with Nnamdi Asomugha. Al Davis does not want to be average. Al Davis wants to win. It does not matter where a player is chosen in the draft or if that player is taken off the waiver wire such as Jim Plunkett. What matters is that each player who wears the Silver and Black has the same goal. Just Win Baby.

In the history of professional football there have been very few men like Al Davis. The only others that I can think of are Paul Brown and George Halas. Halas even played in the league. Today Al Davis stands alone as a coach, general manager, owner and commissioner. No one in pro football today can say the same.

If Al Davis wants to select an unknown safety out of the University of Ohio in the second round of the draft I would not laugh at him and I sure as shootin would not doubt him. His track record over the long haul he has been right more then not.

Five Super Bowl appearances and three world championships prove it.

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23 Responses to “Raiders Owner Al Davis: The Alpha and Omega”

  1. One Eyed Bandito says:

    Al Davis is not God or no longer even a great football mind or man. See Romo’s image in the margin? Al Davis has only had two Sam Backers since returning to Oakland and now wants to fill that void with three college UFA’s? You call that a great mind? John Fox walked off the job in the summer of 1994 and told Al to coach the Defense he always messes with and screws up, great mind?Fires future Hall of famer Mike Shan-a-Rat, great mind? Fires Chucky, who turns around and kicks our ass in the SB, great mind? Brings back Art Shell and Tom Walsh? Melts down over Lane Kiffin, great mind. He try’s to draft Cliff Branch and Jack Tatum again. Sorry kid, his success is in the past where he is living. THIS DEFENSE HAS NOT IMPROVED AND WILL SUCK FOR THE WORLD TO SEE ON THE MN OPENER WHERE L.T. WILL HAVE ANOTHER 300+ YARD GAME ON YOUR GOD! YOU ARE BOWING DOWN TO AN IDOL WHICH WILL LET YOU DOWN EVERY TIME. AS FAR AS THE NAMES IN YOUR TITLE, THEY BELONG TO JESUS IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION WHERE HIS DEIETY IS REVEALED AS GOD THE SON. EVEN AL DAVIS’ KNEE WILL BOW AND TONGUE CONFESS TO THAT! WORD TO YOUR MOTHER!

  2. Jroyster says:

    eyed bandito is another ignorant human being, Someone who talks just to hear themselves speak…Al Davis is an icon.The contributions that he has made to the world,the nfl, and the Oakland Raiders has made this world a better place. God forbid,once he passes,People will then give him his due respect. Al Davis is and will always be the future. Ghandi,Malcom X,Obama, Al Davis….!!!!!!

  3. Mike says:

    That is a pretty ruthless response. I’m a believer and coud understand you being upset about that, but the Raiders and AL DAVIS won three straight AFC West titles in 2000 thru 2002 abd there have only been like 4 AFC teams in the Super Bowl since our last trip. You know how many teams hae never even tasted a Super Bowl experience? You obviously lack football inteligence to make those comments about AL DAVIS. He did put those teams together. And if you hear Gruden defend the Raiders you can tell it was AL who built those teams. Lose some of that anger of yours and realize AL is one of the greatest football minds inn history.

    Raidermike for life

  4. Carlos says:

    Clearly biased information from a Charger fan. Don’t be mad bc you got our reject coach Norv turner, and with all of your talent you guys wont go anywhere.

  5. KUSH says:

    i’m not one to usually back Al up, but mitchell is a diamond in the rough, no matter what you think about it. have you watched tape on the kid? and you did know MANY teams were interested in the kid, including da bears 2 picks later.. you know this right Bandito? the game might have passed him by, but a lot of this draft had cable written all over it. he got a lot of guys with good work ethic and a lot of heart.. including UFA Frantz Joseph, a steamroller LB that was 2nd in tackles in the nation last year. If you were an actual fan, Bandito, you’d believe that the raiders’ are headed in the right direction with TEAM PLAYERS that they currently have.. even with Darrius Heyward-bay, he’s a team guy all the way, and he comes from a pro-style offense in maryland, so his transition will come easier than any other receiver in the draft.. no i’m not drinking any kool-aid, i really agree with cable when he says this. we didn’t need a diva like crabby patty, even tho i wanted him to be the choice.. i’m glad we didnt choose him, because the only man to keep an attitude like him in check is singletary. so go raiders baby!

  6. Gene Y. says:

    There are so few owners who are great and fewer that continue to be as committed to winning as Al Davis. When you really break it down, there are lots of owners in smaller markets that just refuse to pick up and pay players, even if those players might make a difference in the win column. Al Davis has consistently tried to bring in players that would help the Raiders win. It is a real crapshoot as to whether a player can fit within a system, whether a player will be a good fit with the other players, whether the player will be a positive influence on the team mentality or a naysayer who just wants to collect a paycheck. Right or wrong, team ownership seems to be a rich man’s toy. We play fantasy football and they play NFL football. Having drafted live many times in fantasy football, you understand that even the highest rated players often fail you. In the end when you win, nobody cares that you picked up Tom Brady or Tony Romo when they were nobodys, but you feel great when they suddenly shock the world and have a breakout year — I think it comes down to talent evaluation, system fit, coaching and luck. Al Davis isn’t god, but he is a NFL team owner who always wants to win. I’d rather have that than one that wants to count how far below the salary cap they can stay and still generate revenue.

  7. Maverick says:

    Boy, that one eyed bandino (yes, I mean the ferillizer) needs to put the Ripple down. What a putz. Nice article Scott.

  8. Aaronraider13 says:

    Thanks for suppling the BSPN opinion one eyed pole smoker. Al Davis’s team has played in 5 superbowls. They have won 3. 15 teams have never won the superbowl. The Raiders have won 3. 9 teams have never been there. The Raiders have been to 5. I guess that makes him a great owner and your bogus opinion garbage. The Pats did not start to matter until this decade. Suddenly they are a great franchise? Only 3 teams out of 32 have won more superbowls then the Raiders.
    There are 28 other teams out there that wish they had the legacy of Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders. As far as the Jesus thing i am not sure where you are going with that. The only one comparing Al to God is you. This article is about a football living legend. That is what Al Davis is. History does not lie, BSPN does.

  9. Aaronraider13 says:

    Apparently God is not a Charger fan. How else can one eyed pole smoker explain the total lack of success of the Charger franchise?

  10. mike ignoffo says:

    Thats why your life is all messed up because you only got one eye!!!! stop hating and just appreciate the game of football!! nobody knows what will happen with the raiders picks this year?? i believe that darrius will be a good reciever because russel is finally going to have his breakout year, he knows the schemes, he knows the playbook, and he can read defenses better no that he has some experience under his belt!!! Don’t hate just congradulate!!!! GO RAIDERS!!!

  11. Robert says:

    I just have to think that this is Al’s year. He’s been kicked, laughed at, and scorned. It just seems like a special season is in the air. You know Darrius Heyward-Bey and that safety Al Drafted read the papers, too. In a strange way, Al has motivated these players and his team in a unique way. He has squarely placed the Raiders against the experts, the critics, and the rest of the league. This is the way he likes it and us Raiders fans like it, too. It’s us against the world!! I can’t wait for kick0off!!

  12. idiotpolice says:

    Hey Brown eye, er one eye, HTF would you know? You know more than AD?…. Moron.

  13. FL.Raider says:

    Nice article Scott. You hit good points. Some people think they are draft pros. No gets them all correct. Al does find good ones with the best of them. Fired that jerk from Denver.That’s funny, were is he coaching now? One Eyed Bandito was playing with his One Eyed Bandito and looking at a picture of Ryan Leaf when he wrote all the B.S. Mr. Davis is a great football man. what other owner loves his team like he does? He always has Silver & Black on. It’s not just buisness for him. It’s a way of life. He will love this team till he dies. Think that will be soon? one eyed? Hope not. His mother was 102 when she passed. As for talking about his hip & god? You got NO CLASS….

  14. Mars says:

    What the mediots and so called experts analyst don’t understand is that TEAM’S pick players to fit their system NOT what or where they have the guys projected to go and to whom.If these analyst/mediots are so good at their jobs why don’t they get a GM position or buy a team, run a team and see how they do.

  15. RaiderFateful says:

    @one eyed:
    For all the talk about the Raiders 6 year streak of futility, and the Dolts’ 10 game winning streak against them, there’s still something that your San Defeato Super Chokers cant compare to- the fact that even after 6 years of futility, the Raiders STLL have MORE playoff wins, MORE AFC championship appearances, and MORE SB appearances than your precious Chokers in this DECADE! Oh, not to mention the 3 Lombardis sitting in our trophy case, compared to your ONE DUSTY AFC championship trophy sitting in your case since 1994….

  16. Carlos Ramos says:

    It don’t matter where the hated-bolts, chiefs and broncos think, Al’s Rai-duhs still got more rings and wins than the afc-west! Years and years of losing (most recently) will start 2 pan out 4 my Raiders and will be a proud franchise again…All The Raider Nation can d0 is stand behind our Leader and our Players, and Just Win, Baby!! RAAAAAAIDERS!!!!!!!

  17. HolyRoller says:

    What’s really fun is to go to San Diego as a tourist with my Raider T-Shirt on.

    It is hilarious to see so many people freak out that a Raider fan has come to town. I guess decades of losing will do that.

    FYI, the Raiders had the best record in the NFL for 4 years straight (2000-2003).

    Chucky only won the Super Bowl because he knew the Raider playbook. Didn’t we sell him to TB for several million dollars and 1st and 2nd round drafy picks?

  18. Sonny says:

    Great article on Mr. Davis and you are right, (14)AFL or AFC Championship Games played to date with (2) coming early this decade. That is more then ANY TEAM IN THE AFC and more THEN ANY NFC TEAM but one the Raiders are tied with.

    You list the (5) Super Bowls played in to date winning (3) but Al Davis has also had HIS RAIDERS a Liddel Fumble or an Emaculate Reception away from playing in another (5) Super Bowls.


    I heard the dude that runs the HALL OF FAME state that Al Davis and the Raiders are such a major part of the History of the NFL. Played in many of the greatest games in NFL History and have so many players in the Hall of Fame that HE NEEDS TO BUILD AL DAVIS AND THE RAIDERS THEIR OWN WING AT THE HALL OF FAME.

    And for those reasons WHICH ARE ALL FACT BY THE WAY is why he is dispised by so many fans from other teams. Lets face it as a Raider Fan I do not even know or could care less who the owner is of many of the teams in the NFL, why?, because they simply do not matter.

    The bully on the block for so, so many years has fallen over the past few years while they rebuild a old Championship team from early this decade. And all the nobody’s of the World are out in force to stomp on the bully while he is down.

    They are the type that spend their time watching E TV waiting for anyone who has made any thing of them self in life fall so they can pounce.

    With many having achieved nothing in their own life it makes them feel better when they can trash the mighty that fall or hit a rough spot in their life.

    I live in Vegas and a very good gambler once told me that the best way to judge what sucsess someone will have in their future is to look at their history of sucsess in the past.

    I love it all, the we against the world part of being a Raider Fan, Raider Rock and great article.

  19. matt says:

    It’s difficult for me to believe all these people are coming to the defense of a delusional, egomanical owner whose teams have been terrible lately. That’s why he is laughed at. But don’t take my word for it. Look at the transcript of the press conference introducing Tom Cable as “coach” this year. In addition, coaches usually have some say about draft picks. But there was nary an offensive lineman…

  20. mdiraider says:

    if you are not down with the godfather mr al davis your just not raider material one eyed jack crack

  21. DeepBall says:

    DHB scored a TD for every 3 pass caught. Crabtree scored a TD for every 5 pass caught.
    Maclin scored a TD for every 8 pass caught. So much for DHB speed having a problem with defense putting 11 players on the field.

  22. Neil in Connecticut says:

    Maybe Al Davis’s time has past but that’s only because no one has ever had a more complete management career in pro football history. In this, his 50th year in the business, I hope he sticks it to every critic and Heyward-Bey and Mike Mitchell become the next Cliff Branch and Jack Tatum. The way the pundits on ESPN have been publicly laughing at Davis and the Raiders is more than a bit unprofessional.

  23. Aaronraider13 says:

    who would take your word for anything? You don’t say who your team is. You don’t even know how many free agent lineman the Raiders signed in the offseason. You are ignorant about everything Raiders but you still open that dick garage you call a mouth and spout unfounded nonsense. The only people that are laughing are the mindless sheeple like yourself that get there opinion from what others say, instead of forming there own. You obviously just started watching football recently.