Marc Bulger used an interview with Brian Burwell to clear the air on a few topics swirling around him.  First off, he was not going to pull a Jason Campbell with all the Marc Sanchez rumors.  Secondly, he knows that the only way to remove the title of certified “non-leader” is to win football games.

First, since we are so close to the draft, here’s Bulger on Marc Sanchez.

Last week, though, the gossip didn’t bother Bulger one bit because somebody apparently was smart enough to talk to him during the entire process.

“I’d prefer not to talk about three years ago and what happened,” Bulger said. “But I will say that there is a lot more communication between the higher-ups now and the head coach than it was in the past. It’s actually pretty nice to have that much communication and everyone on the same page. It makes life a whole lot easier.”

Three years ago was when Bulger was miffed at new head coach Scott Linehan in regards to his public infatuation with Jay Cutler.  Sounds familiar, but this time, someone actually communicated to Bulger that this was a smokescreen designed to drum up trade interest.  Nice job, guys.  Actually talking to your starting quarterback.  That’s a novel concept.  These same themes come up again and again with the new administration, “same page”, “communication”, “easier”.  I think it is very hard to quantify how far the Rams front office has come in the past year.

Let’s go to the part where Bulger puts all the haters in their place.  I know that a lot of people don’t like Bulger for a lot of reasons, including “lack of leadership” because of his lack of “fire”.  You can get on Bulger for his occasion inaccurate throws or lack of mobility, but ripping a player for lack of leadership from outside the huddle is ridiculous.  Bulger hits on the point that when the Rams are winning – his steady demeanor is an asset.

He chuckles … when you mention … those angry Bulger haters who keep acting as if there is only one way to lead an NFL huddle — with the emotional decibel levels cranked wide open like a heavy metal concert.

“Every year, winning cures all,” Bulger said on the eve of the Rams second minicamp under new coach Steve Spagnuolo. “Earlier in my career we were winning and my biggest attribute was that I was steady, low-key, and my teammates knew how much I wanted to win and everything was great. Then all of a sudden, you lose a few years and that’s my greatest weakness.”

Winning cures everything.  And Bulger looks like a player who is confident with his new coaching staff and is ready to lead (yes, I said it…lead) his young team.