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Hilarious Fan Post breaking down Jay Cutler trade, ENJOY!

10. We lose two years at complaining about another Angelo first round bust.

9. Orton fans gotta shave their neck beards now.

8. No more devastating 3-7 yard passes.

7. Earl Bennett still won’t be ready as now he must go back and learn all of those pass plays over 10 yards.

6. Opposing defensive ends no longer can run to a point and either expect a sack or drop into coverage to intercept a two yard pass.

5. What will the NFL talking heads do now that the end of the starting QB carousel in Chicago has ended.

4. Sid Luckman’s passing records are now in jeopardy.

3. Hester now has to run out all of his patterns.

2. WR’s no longer have an excuse on why they cannot catch a pass.

1. Team lost out on a lot of money because they can no longer sell “Orton Neckbeard Night” promotion they were planning.