Steelers Coach Tomlin Says Vick Should Be Allowed to Play Again

As former Falcons QB Michael Vick looks forward to his release from prison, he finds himself with a pretty big fan – that being Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. Speaking at the owners meetings in California, Tomlin said that he supports Vick, and that he would like to see Vick back on the playing field if he gets reinstated by the league.

Vick pleaded guilty to federal dogfighting and gambling charges, and has not played in the NFL since the 2006 season.

“Once the commissioner makes his decision on whether Michael Vick can come back, I think anybody who is interested in competing would be interested in him,” Tomlin said of Vick. “Whether or not I’m interested in him is another thing. I’ve got a quarterback. But I think, boy, we’re awful quick to judge.

“I thought the basis of our country was built on second chances and redemption. This guy pays his debt to society and he’s reinstated by [NFL] Commissioner [Roger] Goodell, he deserves an opportunity to right some of the things he has done wrong.”

It will be interesting to see where Vick ends up, as it is going to take some team a lot of guts to sign him. There will for sure be backlash from groups like PETA, but Tomlin says that people should remember that we all make mistakes and that those types of groups should do the same.

“I understand it’s going to be hard, but what I’m saying is that maybe it shouldn’t be. Those without sin cast the first stone, if you know what I mean?” Tomlin said. “The reality is that this young man went to prison and paid his debt to society and if the commissioner deems him worthy of a second chance, who are we to pass judgment?”

The Falcons had been trying to find a team willing to make a trade for Vick, but had not found any takers, meaning that if he does find himself able to play again someday, he’ll probably be released and then able to play for a team that would be willing to take a chance on him.

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13 Responses to “Steelers Coach Tomlin Says Vick Should Be Allowed to Play Again”

  1. tracy says:

    If any team decides to sign michael vick I hope all the fans will stay away from the games in protest.

  2. jim says:

    Vick does not belong in the NFL where he would be a role model to young kids. Mike Tomlin thinks everyone deserves a second chance and so do I. I’m sure there are some grocery stores hiring in Atlanta.

  3. Nicole says:

    Vick needs mental help- not a chance to play NFL football. He systematically trained living creatures to kill each other for his enjoyment then barbarically killed them if they under performed. This is classic sociopathic behavior. What is stopping him from hurting other living creatures like people with his sociopathic behavior?

    I am not saying he is unredeamable but he has a serious mental illness that needs to be addressed so he can recieve help and medical treatment.

  4. john k says:

    Vick should go to the Cleveland Browns. Now the Dog Pound will have something to bark about…

  5. just a thought says:

    you know, you guys might be right, but better yet why don’t we stick you guys in jail for 2 years and then we’ll ask for your opinion. for the people that think he has not paid his debt, go sit in jail for 30 days. i am sure that you guys have all done something you regret, just as vick has. Also do you even happen to understand sociopathic behavior? by you responding the way you did, you are showing symptoms too, as am i and the guy above. before you start acting like a phycologist, get a degree.

  6. Lanie says:

    I have a degree and he is an Axis II

  7. Greyound says:

    It would be hypocritical for the Rooney’s NOT to sign Vick.

    The Rooney family has owned a greyhound racing track and it has been well docmented for many years, the type of abuse and torture go on at greyhound tracks.

    What did you say? The Rooneys didn’t know what was going on at their own race track? Sounds familiar – just like what Vick said about dog fighting on his property.

  8. Richard says:

    Greyound: the Rooneys who own the racing track have no connection to the Steelers, other than being Dan Rooney’s brothers. They had previously owned a share of the Steelers which they had inherited from their dad, but they were never involved with the business and they were forced to sell their shares because of their gambling efforts.

  9. Studies have shown a direct relation between animal cruelty and violence towards people. The Rooneys (and Steelers) have always maintained a stable level of class in their organization, getting rid of players who don’t live up to their standards of integrity. Vick, while he may be a good football player, has shown that he has absolutely zero integrity. And although he claims he is remorseful for his deeds, unmercifully killing living beings on multiple occasions is something for which I seriously doubt he’s truly sorry. Michael Vick has nowhere near the amount of class, integrity, and respectability necessary to be a part of the world class Steelers organization. The Baltimore Ravens, perhaps; but not the Steelers.

  10. Janice Green says:

    As a lifelong fan of the Steelers I would need to boycott all their games if he is signed. I will encourage everyone I know to do the same. I am shocked that the Rooney family has even allowed conversations with this killer. What he did was no mistake! It was cold blooded torture and murder. I don’t want my grandchildren to have that type of a role model. I believe he is only sorry he was caught. Anyone who can do those things has no business being in the limelight in any capacity. Might as well be Jeffrey Dahmer. He enjoyed mutilating bodies.

  11. vicktosteelers says:

    Janice, the man has paid his debt to society, he should be given a second chance and I am hoping and praying he lands here in pittsburgh. We would be a dynamic team, if you do not agree you are just ignorant. Life long steeler fan means nothing. Its a couple of dogs, who really cares. Donte Stallworth got 30 days for drunk driving and killing a civilian, vick has done more time than he has had to, you are letting the media influence you. Think about his sentence, was jail really warranted? Or was it that PETA needed a high profile person to be put away for someone to actually take them seriously. Was it the NFL trying to grandfather in to future NFL players to act the ways they should? Realistically there will always be thugs in the NFL, known or unknown, deal with it and cheer your team on.

  12. Kate says:

    I do not believe he payed his debt to those dogs. Everyone seems to forget that he plead “not guilty” to the charges of animal cruelty, which were later dropped as part of a plea deal. If he cannot see that what he did to those defenseless dogs was wrong, he does not deserve a second chance.

    And vicktosteelers, I can tell you that myself and many other dog lovers care a whole lot more about a “couple of dogs” (60 +) than ignorant people that don’t see the value in their lives. I pick them over Vick any day, over the Steelers any day. Maybe that makes you a better fan, but I’m confident that I’m a better person.

  13. JMT says:

    Somehow I missed this comment back in March but now that I know about it then…

    Well that is the END of my respect for Tomlin. IMO, he can rot in Hell along side the dog murderer Vick, Goodall, the owners of the Falcons, the announcers from the Steelers game last night (8/13), Shaq, the owners of the Eagles, Farrior of the Steelers, the owners of the Falcons for NOT cutting him loose once it was CLEAR what he did, the owners of the Bengals (AND all teams that actually gave him an offer), Dungy AND ANYBODY ELSE THAT SUPPORTS THE DOG MURDERER VICK.

    AND NO TOMLIN I WAS NOT “QUICK TO JUDGE”, I WAITED UNTIL I WAS POSITIVE THAT HE WAS GUILTY OF CRUELTY TO DOGS INCLUDING THEIR SLAUGHTER BEFORE I DECIDED TO DESPISED HIM & ALL THAT SUPPORT HIM. Vick is NOTHING BUT AN OXYGEN THIEF that is living & breathing in oxygen that should be going to living being that deserve that oxygen b/c he AND ANYBODY THAT DID WHAT HE DID does NOT deserve to breath in that oxygen. If it were up to me ANYBODY that did what he did would get the DP. I’m NOT a member of PETA & NEVER would be (can’t stand that grp) BUT IMO ANYBODY that can do to dogs what he did (DO NOT FORGET THAT HE DIDN’T JUST LET DOGS DIE IN FIGHTS & ORDER THE SLAUGHTER OF DOGS THAT DIDN’T FIGHT WELL BUT HE ALSO PERSONALLY SLAUGHTERED DOGS HIMSELF THAT DIDN’T FIGHT WELL) is not worthy of this Earth or a good after-life.

    The only ones that have the RIGHT to forgive him are his VICTIMS & since the dogs still alive can’t speak & the other dogs are DEAD then it is NOT our place to forgive him. IMO, it’s ONLY the place of VICTIMS to forgive him. NOT EVERYBODY DESERVES A 2ND CHANCE INCLUDING VICK & remember he was involved in that disgusting behavior for YEARS before he got busted so it wasn’t a “one or two time thing” either.

    Tomlin & EVERYBODY ELSE that supports the dog SLAUGHTER/MURDERER VICK is JUST AS BAD as Vick IF NOT WORSE.


    FYI, EVEN IF he had been a family member of mine (HOWEVER, NONE OF MY FAMILY WOULD EVER DO WHAT HE DID) then in my eyes he’d be dead & I’d NEVER speak him EVER, EVER, EVER AGAIN.

    I’m so disgusted by Tomlin over this YOU have NO IDEA how ANGRY I am even w/ this post, I guarantee it. I have been a Steelers fan my WHOLE LIFE (multi decades) BUT if the Steelers had taken him then I would have DUMPED THEM FOREVER. I am STILL tempted to do so b/c of comments by Tomlin & Farrior etc but I’m not going to let THEM do that since the team didn’t end up taking him. The Chief must be looking down at Earth is VERY SAD.

    “just a thought”, The problem w/ your proposal is I would NEVER EVER do what he did so I wouldn’t be in prison. F him.

    “Greyhound”, DO NOT even TRY to compare dog racing to what Vick did. I do NOT attend such races nor horse races for that matter, HOWEVER, I do know they are NOT the same as what Vick did & for you to suggest that it is is boneheaded. AND when YOU can prove that any Rooney family member DIRECTLY HUNG DOGS TO DEATH then get back to this thread & show such PROOF otherwise go pound sand b/c we DO KNOW FOR A FACT THAT HE DID KILL DOGS HIMSELF & THAT MEANS HE APPARENTLY LIED he said he “didn’t know”. BTW, Richard is correct in correcting you.

    “vicktosteelers”, YOU can join the others in my list in Hell when the time comes. And you are, just like Tomlin & Farrior, an EMBARRASSMENT to Pittsburgh (if you’re even really from there). While I agree that Stallworth should have gotten MORE time that is NO EXCUSE to let Vick off the hook & besides even though what Stallworth did was wrong at least it was NOT PREMEDITATED/ON PURPOSE/FOR ENJOYMENT/PROFIT. F you & PETA TOO.

    “Kate”, Yes you are.

    BTW, I wish I would see JUST ONE NFL PLAYER have the GUTS to publicly say that Vick does NOT deserve to be in the NFL (I have seen some “parse” their words when asked).

    As of yet, I have NOT seen a confirmation that the Steelers actually gave him an offer BUT IF I find out that they did then the decades long “relationship” btwn me & the Steelers is OVER FOR EVER.