The Rams got permission to wear their 1995-1999 era “throwbacks” in 2009.  The Rams will be wearing their old uniforms three times during the 2009 season.

First, the Rams will be wearing their throwbacks in the home opener at the Edward Jones Dome.  Should be a fun atmosphere with a lot of new players in old uniforms.

The second time the Rams will be wearing their uniforms will be their game at Tennennesse when the Titans will be wearing their Oilers uniforms.

The third game is a still as of yet a mystery, but it will probably be a home game.

I like the new uniforms better than the 99 uniforms, but please Coach Spagnuolo, there are two fashion faux pas to be aware of.

1. Do not wear the blue jerseys with the blue pants and the blue socks – those look like pajamas.

2. This is the most important rule of Rams jerseys.  Do NOT under any circumstances wear the white pants.  They look terrible, not to mention we always lose when we wear the white pants.  I don’t want to even get into the (former?) faux pas of wearing white after labor day.