A Take on the Giants 2009 Draft Board

Jeremy Maclin
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The G-men are in an enviable position: they are going to get the best player available that falls down to where they pick, as they are a team with few needs. A team like the Bills, on the other hand, are just going to miss out on the elite player, and they will also put themselevs out of a running for a sexy draft becuase of all their needs.

Jauron and management is on the hot seat and is going to reach for need over value I feel and this could be a poor draft for the Bills. If you ask what is a sexy draft? It means great value, explosiveness, and a few risks late in the draft that could become good players in 3-4 years, not solid role guys who will fill needs this year.

The New York Giants have set themselves up pretty well in free agency getting great value from a few different players. They needed an upgrade at linebacker and that was provided by Michael Boley F.A. from Atlanta. They needed to solidify their defensive line after wearing down last year and they did so by getting back Osi Umeinyora their best defensive player prior to last season. As well as adding Rocky Bernard, and Chris Canty. That’s three more very good players to their DL rotation. The Giants are going to keep coming this year, and Tuck should get some rest so he’ll be okay.

The Giants also bolstered their safety position by adding C.C. Brown formerly of the Texans, whom is a Roy Williams Safety type, from everything I read. Great up against the run, suspect at best in coverage. They have young Safeties they like though in Michael Johnson and Kenny Phillips, so they have three starting caliber players for two safety spots (they need more depth here though)

Something that is also underestimated last year was the loss of their TOP special teams player David Tyree who missed the whole-season. His loss could really be seen in the special teams coverage units, but the return of Tyree and the addition of unheralded Lee Vickers (another special team ace) have already begun to solidify the special teams for the Giants.

With that being said there are some issues that still could be addressed, but no GLARING needs, with the exception of WR. But I honestly believe that they are just waiting on Plaxico and hoping this escapade will calm him down a bit. I also think they like Steve Smith a lot (as they should he’s awesome) and I think they honestly believe that Domenix Hixon, if paired with a #1, will be an Elite (I’m going that far) #2 WR. Hixon is wiry, but he is a tall, he’s 6-2 and he’s fast. I don’t know if he’s a clutch play maker, but he did lead the team in yards last season despite only starting a handful of games. He had four Entire games without a catch, and only started 7, but ended the season with 596 yards at 13 yards per catch. They also drafted Mario Manningham in round three last year (he was rated as a late 1st rounder by some talking heads) so who knows what they have there.

Anyway back to the G-men’s needs, a #1 WR, a starting Strong side linebacker (Boley will take over weakside), Kiwanuka is still being told he’ll remain at DE. And they could use an upgrade at Tight End; although they seem to be enamored with Kevin Boss, Boss will never be an elite Tight end in this league.

Those are the starting positions they need: they need depth at OL (we saw what happened when Mckenzie missed some time, Yikes), They need depth at Safety and/or Cornerback. There is some speculation that last year’s second round pick Terrell Thomas will move back to safety (not confirmed) and you can never have enough cornerbacks in this league and they need a complementary running back. And a Kick Returner and punt returner, Depending on what they do with Hixon.

Put it this way, in 2007 Hixon had 20 Kick Returns: 15 of them were for more than 20 yards, and he had a TD. In 2008 Hixon had 3 Kick Returns two of them for more than 40 Yards and averaged 60 yards a return. In his career 23 returns for an average of 29.3 yards per return, or in other words if he was a full time KR he’d be the best KR in the game (based on his relatively small sample size). So hopefully he’ll be returning Kicks as the number two WR next season.

With that being said here is the Giants big Board:

(Taken into account realistic scenarios, what I mean by that is that if the Giants had made a trade with the Chiefs for their 1st round pick last year and were picking 3rd their top two players they would want would be Aaron Curry or Crabtree at the top of their board, but that’s not going to happen so why bother putting them on the board?)

Without Further ado the New York Giants 2009 Big Board (Starting with the Best value)

Targeted players for Round 1

Jeremy Maclin (Instantly fills the need for the #1 WR AND the KR/PR role)

Knowshown Moreno (before the season a top 10 pick, now I’ve seen more than a few mocks with him dropping down this far, if he does drop this far and the Giants don’t draft him I’ll be very annoyed)

Brian Cushing (His stock is soaring though, I no longer think he falls this far)*

Brandon Pettigrew (great all around player, how could you pass him up?)

Kenny Britt (he’s MY number two or three WR behind only Crabtree and possibly Maclin, but it’s a mixed bag among NFL Personnel scouts it seems)

William Beatty (solid OL prospect, the Giants could use him as depth this year and start him next year and move Diehl back inside, where he is much better)

Sean Smith, Safety (Two years in a row grabbing a S in the first round? I doubt it. Good player though. Size, speed, can hit-fills a need also. I think it’d be a nice value pick, taking the best S in the draft.)

I’ll be disappointed if one of these seven above players doesn’t end up on the Giants next year as first round picks.

Early Round Two possibilities

Darrius Hey-Wood Bay (Fast as can be, big time upside play maker, I’d rather have William Beatty than Bay, but not by much* if we drafted Beatty, I’d want to take a WR with the second pick. Hey Wood Bay is getting a lot of love now)
Percy Harvin (Not the Big WR Giants are looking for, but so explosive would also help in the return game, and even receiving out of the backfield.)

Brian Robiskie WR (I Really like him and think he is underrated)

Hakeem Nicks (I’m a little worried about the one-year wonder thing)

Alphonso Smith CB (ONLY knock is Height, but the Gmen have three CB’s 6 feet or taller so they could hide his height and use his ball hawking skills)

LeSean Mcoy RB (the Giants need a number 2 running back McCoy could be the man)

Andre Smith OT (If he has free-fallen out of the first round b/c of his laziness, he’s an intriguing, but risky selection here)

Michael Johnson (athletic as can be DE could excel with all the talent around him)

Tyson Jackson DE, LSU (great at stopping the run, developing pass rusher)*

Vontae Davis (talent doesn’t match production all the time. Great athlete)*

Aaron Maybin DE/OLB (ONLY if the Giants think he can play Strong side LB in a 4-3. He’s very light)

Larry English DE (from a small school, big upside)

Darius Butler CB (fast rising)

Donald Brown RB (Good athlete, would be a steal at the end of the second round, might have to draft him with the early second round pick if we want him though, assuming we don’t land Moreno)

Clay Matthews (eh, I would like to have seen elite college production for a player they say has elite athletic ability-I won’t love if it the Giants draft him at the end of the 1st round. )

Jared Cook TE (I think this could be a real intriguing option. Would fit the value spot and he averaged 16 yards per reception-he has the explosiveness that Boss does not)

James Lauranitis (eh. I don’t really want him especially with the first pick, I think there are much better options, fine player though, and I could live with him early in the second round)

Eben Britton (his draft spot will be better than his talent because of the position he plays)

Clint Sintim, LB

Players I’d like to see them target at the end of the second round

Jauqain Inglesias/Brian Robiskie (if they have not already drafted a WR. Like I said I think Robiskie is undervalued, but perhaps he will fall)

Connor Barwin DE Cinncy (IF the Giants think he can play OLB)

Chase Coffman, Tight End (the Giants don’t have an explosive receiving Tight End)

Jamon Meredirth OT (Fast-riser)

Coye Francis (uber talented CB with character questions. Probably the best value as he might actually fall to the end of round two and a player I’d like to see them grab)

James Casey TE Rice (read above with Coffman)

Rashard Johnson S (good value at the end of 2nd round. Could be another playmaker in the secondary)

William Moore Safety (at the end of the second round)

Duke Robinson, Guard-(depth along the OL. I’m in)

Louis Murphy, WR (not my favorite WR option, but not a terrible one. Pretty tall and fast)

Marcus Freeman, OLB, Ohio State (if we don’t draft a LB earlier we’ll need one at some point)

Gerald McCrath (might be too small, more of a weakside linebacker the Giants don’t need one with the Michael Boley signing)

Shonne Green RB, Iowa (I’d rather see Donald Brown, or Moreno but Green’s not terrible depending on when he’s selected)

Javon Ringer, RB, Michigan State (more of a 3rd rounder, type possibility)

Later Round Targets I’d like to see the Giants take a crack at

Ramses Barden, WR (very talented 6-6 WR with pretty good speed. Could be a Draft Day Steal)

Glen Coffee, RB, Arkansas (could be good value at running back later in the draft)

Mike Goodson RB, Texas A and M (according to walterfootball.com, Mike Mayocks’ 5th best RB. For those of you who don’t know Mayock is the best draft talent evaluator out there. Ran a 4.43 40 at his pro day, which is pretty quick, could be the change of pace back behind Jacobs)

Johnny Knox WR, Albeine Christian (ran a 4.30 40 at the combine-could be the kick returner the Giants need)

Aaron Kelly WR Clemson (6-5 204 pounds ran a 4.49 40 at the combine-had a down year last year after putting up 88 receptions, 1,081 yards and 11 touchdowns the year before) Kelly could be a huge steal.

Deon Butler WR, Penn State (not the huge presence Barden or Kelly is, but played well at Penn State and ran a 4.38 40 at the combine)

Brandon Tate, WR North Carolina (had a serious injury but played well the year before, could be a steal)

Jasion Williams 6-4 over 230 pounds (played poorly this year, but Caught 68 passes for 984 yards and six touchdowns in 2006-a huge red zone target who might not even get drafted)

Michael Jones Arizona State (at 6-4 he has the size to be a good WR, not terribly fast, but fairly productive at Arizona State 61 receptions, 744 yards and four touchdowns. He’s a bit raw, but could be a player with some nice upside)

Andrew Gardner OT Georgia Tech (Standing at 6-7 inches and weighing 304 pounds, is an athletic Tackle who has played well, and played through injury this season. Could be good value late in the draft for the G-men to add some depth along the OL)

Corneils Lewis, OT, Tennessee State (6-4 332 pounds)

Gerald Codagan, Penn State OT

Codogan is big enough at 6-5, 309 pounds, and is very athletic. He had one of the more impressive Combines for an OT. Codagan has 35 inch long arms (one of the longest at the combine), ran a 5.12 40 (better than Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe, Oher, and Eben Britton. William Beaatty tied him)

The three players that have the asterisk will absolutely SHOCK me if they fall down to the Giants there are a few more who will probably get drafted higher, but I’ve seen them slip in some “respectable” mock drafts (players like Aaron Maybin, Larry English) I’ve see Knowhown Moreno slip in MANY mock drafts. (although I think he is undervalued by draftniks and will go fairly high)

The BEST case scenario in the first two rounds for the New York Giants would be:

At pick # 29 is Jeremy Maclin, WR to the Gmen. With pick number 45 the New York Giants select Sean Smith Safety, with Pick Number 60 the New York Giants Select Donald Brown, RB.

That would be the ULTIMATE thing the Giants could do, it would fill our two biggest Offensive needs WR and Running back. It would also give us the best safety in the draft class, a 6-4 Safety who can run and hit. Ohhh I’m drooling. That would be the best value there is, ohhh baby.

Okay, BEST case Scenario #2

With the 29th pick in the draft the New York Giants select Knowshown Moreno from Georgia (yay!!!). With the # 45 pick in the draft the New York Giants select: WR Kenny Britt from Rutgers (yay!!!) with the #60 selection in the Draft the New York Giants select James Casey TE (yay!!!)

So in this draft we just absolutely say screw the Defensive problems will figure out the two needs (OLB and S help) later, but let’s give Eli Manning some weapons out of the backfield and some Receiving help at WR and TE. Eli has never really had a WR who creates separation-and he could use one (Plaxico goes up and gets it, but not huge separation). Casey could be replaced by a CB like Coye Francis or a LB like Tyron Mckenzie and that’d also be nice

Best Case Scenario #3

With the 29th pick in the draft the Giants Select Brian Cushing LB USC. With the 45th pick in the draft the Giants select Sean Smith, S, Utah, with the 60th pick in the draft the New York Giants select WR Brian Robiskie, Ohio State (yay!)

I like this scenario as well. In this one the Giants take care of ALL of their defensive problems, get great value and get a WR who should contribute this year. The value here too though might not be attainable (I think Smith may sneak into the 1st round) and Cushing in 2nd best OLB so he probably wont’ make it past maybe even the Texans

To me, “Worst Case” (of course there are much worse) Scenario would be something like this

Clay Matthews, JR is chosen with the 29th overall pick, with the 45th overall pick the Giants select William Moore, with the 60th pick the Giants select, OLB Tyron Mckenize.

This is a meat and potatoes draft that has no sex appeal, fills basic needs, and isn’t great value. That’s what I’d like to avoid. The Giants are really in a position to get GREAT Value in this draft. They should take BEST player available in the first two rounds, regardless of position The only caveat being QB. They can avoid reaching, all other positions to me are fine if you get a dynamic player.

Come out of LF to the Casual Fan, Draft #4

With the 29th pick the Giants select OT, Willam Beatty. With the 45th pick in the draft the Giants select, Connor Barwin DE/OLB, with the 60th selection in the draft the Giants select CB Coye Francis

Giants fans would recognize that the Giants know they need to bolster their OL-it’s getting older and the backups are awful. The OLB position-they liked Kiwinuka back there, so they could take more of a 3-4 Rush linebacker and use him as a 4-3 OLB, and CB is always a possibility with any team. A team can’t have too many good CBs. This draft I like more than the previous one because although they aren’t the more pressing needs for the Giants, the picks could be very good value, which to me is MORE important than drafting for need. I’ll always take value over need-most rookies don’t contribute for two to three years anyway why draft for need? Positional needs will vary year to year. Beatty to me is very underrated, athletic, long arms. Could be a stable at LT for years (move Diehl back to LG where he’s not exposed athletically)

I’d prefer more drafts than this one though.

Basically, the Giants are in a very enviable position, last year they went 12-4 While not having their Best Defensive player on the team, a guy who the year before had 13 sacks (and in his last 43 games has 33.5 sacks), their BEST special teams player (David Tyree), and for 6 games their Best Offensive weapon (Burress)

ALL Three players will be back this year, (Plaxico’s coming back if he’s not in jail, listen to how they talk about him), Osi is definitely coming back, and David Tryee is coming back.

On top of that the Giants further solidified their Special teams with Lee Vickers, and bolstered their DL adding two guys who would START on at least 15 teams in the league.

The Giants, other than OLB have NO pressing needs and because of that they have the luxury to draft BEST AVAILABLE player for the whole draft, which is an enviable position to be in.

And that’s what I hope the Giants Will do. If I were running the Giants I’d be targeting three players at the end of the 1st round: Maclin, Moreno, and Cushing. If those three don’t fall: You can go with the best available player at any position other than QB: You could go Sean Smith Safety (best available Safety) you could go best available WR (whoever they believe that to be: HeyWood Bay, Britt (My choice!), Robiskie, Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin. Who knows? Whoever the Giants think is the best they should draft), you could go best available OT (William Beatty?) , you can go best available DL (why not, and grab an athletic monster like Michael Johnson to groom, they have DL hitting F.A. next year), the Giants can grab best available OLB (Clay Matthews if not Cushing) , Best Available TE (Pettigrew or Jared Cook)

The Giants have so many options available, I really hope the one thing they don’t do is reach for players-it makes no sense. The Giants are good enough to compete next year Right Now without adding anyone, so don’t reach, Giants. And make me proud.

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