It’s standard to look for starters first before depth in the order of priorities. Understandably people tend to concentrate on places where they feel there is no starter talent at all. Which in this case is made easier with the production displayed by Matt Forte last season.

As a rookie second round draft pick in 2008, Forte came into what was projected to be a horrible offense and helped get them to a just-missed playoff birth. He was able to play with injuries and was solid in all facets of the game.

The only problem I see, as is often the case, the Bears are one injury away from a considerable step down in the position. Kevin Jones was unable to move into the lineup last year, which didn’t stop the Bears from offering him a new contract. Adrian Peterson is still the third string special teams player he has always been. Which leaves Garrett Wolfe, who I think is more of a gimmick rather than a potential starting NFL running back.

The Bears have made a move to make their offensive line more dominant in the running game. I’m still guessing (until April), but a lot of people are under the impression that they will also be adding a right tackle in the draft. So what we will still be missing after all this? A short yardage running back. A back that could compliment Forte while lightening his work load in order to keep him healthy and on the field. Especially when in this league, two backs often don’t get you through a season.

If they really want to get off the bus running, they would do well to draft a running back this season. Someone who could get those hard yards, but still take over if Forte winds up injured. Which is why I think they would strike gold if they selected Shonn Greene. He’s a big back playing at 235 who just drops his shoulders and goes.

He doesn’t have a lot of wear and tear, since last year was the only season he carried the load for his team. During 13 games he rushed for 1850 yards with a 6.0 yard per carry average. Rather than telling you about his game just check this link out.

The best way to improve the defense in 2009 is to keep them off the field. Drafting Shonn Greene could help accomplish just that. If he’s still there in the third round he is a must have back. It’s a thought anyway.