Gridiron Roundtable: Who is the Most Overrated Player in the NFL?


Wendy Bupb – Terrell Owens – While I like T.O., and his talent is undeniable, he’s too much of an individual in a team sport. I have been waiting for the wheels to come off in Dallas, and I believe they’re starting to look a little wobbly. After Jake Delhomme went down last year, no quarterback could get the ball to Steve Smith on a regular basis; the guy everyone assumes is a diva never complained. Meanwhile, the guy who cried for his QB last year can’t wait to throw him under the bus this year.

Alan Wilson – Vince Young – There’s no way reason he should’ve won Rookie of the Year honors in 2006 over Marques Colston or Maurice Jones-Drew. In 31 career regular season games, Young has thrown 32 interceptions, been sacked 51 times, and fumbled 23 times. The press tried to make Young a superstar, but he’s been nothing more than a superbust in Tennessee.

Jeff Roman – Brett Favre – Brett is nowhere near as good anymore as he used to be and is equally capable of having a horrible day as he is of having a great day. The media hypes him as the savior taking the Jets to the Super Bowl, but he’s more than likely going to take them to 8-8 and mediocrity.

Jeremy Fuchs – Larry Johnson – Tough one. He’s so inconsistent, and the seasons of high carries finally caught up with with him.

Jason Etgen – Tony Romo – This guy has been compared to Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb, and most recently I heard him being compared to Tom Brady. What?! This guy has done nothing in his short career. I agree with the “Tuna.” Don’t annoint him, he hasn’t done anything yet.

Matt Jergensen – Vince Young – The guy has received more hype from the media than Paris Hilton. His recent problems not withstanding, the numbers don’t lie. In two seasons he’s thrown 10 more interceptions than touchdowns and has a career QB rating of 68.3. Just another victim of the Madden jinx.

Russ Loede – Terance Newman
– 2003’s fifth selection out of Kansas State has been labeled highly injury-prone the past two seasons, as a result, he’s been in and out of the line-up on a weekly basis when the team needs him the most. You cannot be considered the league’s top corner back spending more time on the sidelines than on the field. Newman also was supposed to be a big play return man, and hasn’t lived up to the hype of those expectations.

Landis Andrews – Drew Brees – Brees is grossly overrated. He may be on pace to throw for 5200 yards, but he is also in line to finish in last place with an 8-8 record and miss the playoffs.

Jean-Paul Bergeaux – DeAngelo Hall – No question. He’s being exposed as not a good CB now that he has a quality CB across from him.

Tim Hiller – Tony Romo – Woah tough question. I will resist the temptation to pick someone on my own team (Bills) because I am woefully biased toward thinking my guys are hacks when they don’t perform. I’m going with Tony Romo. The guy has never won anything, yet is “Mr. Football”. Win something, then we’ll talk.

Jeff Sack – Jeremy Shockey – The Giants won the Super Bowl without him last season, this was supposed to be the year that he was going to show the Giants that his best years were still ahead after being traded to the Saints. Injuries again preclude him from reaching his potential, New Orleans in last place Giants in first.

Jim Dubenetzky – Chad Johnson – he has done absolutley nothing this year and doesn’t help his team win. Randy Moss and LaDainian Tomlinson tie for 2nd place.

Nate Acreman – Reggie Bush – Without a doubt it would have to be Reggie Bush. He was the number one overall pick two years ago, and still gets talked up a lot. When is he going to be that constant big play threat he is being paid to be?

Cole Pepper – Ray Lewis – Lewis was once the dominant defensive player in the league, but the wear and tear of the years has made it so that he isn’t even the best linebacker on his team any more (I’ll take Bart Scott). That being said, his leadership is still top notch and he’s still a productive player, but he isn’t anything like he was five years ago.

Stephen Rhodes – Chad Johnson – I suppose that would depend on what your definition of “overrated” is. That aside, I would have to go with wide receiver Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals. His narcissism, along with his numbers (especially this season, in particular) make him uniquely qualified to be “overrated”.

Mike Loede – Randy Moss – Without his star QB, Randy Moss is the most overrated player in the NFL. He went from the best year ever for a WR to hardly a blimp on the screen this year..

Jesse Rios – Chad Johnson – I like the guy, but he needs to just shut up and play (but don’t forget to play)! No player has dropped off the popularity and stat charts more fast and easily than Ocho Stinko. He’s the definition of a talent without a brain.

Our Winner: Chad Johnson 3 Votes

Vince Young 2 Votes

Tony Romo 2 Votes

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4 Responses to “Gridiron Roundtable: Who is the Most Overrated Player in the NFL?”

  1. Jeff says:

    Peyton Manning. I don’t care how many commercials I see him in. He is talked about like the best QB that has ever lived. All his team has shown is that he’s not the most essential piece to his team. Without Bob Sanders their team plays with no heart and is lucky to come out with wins. He’s got great receivers, great offensive line, a defensive MVP, and possibly the best defensive end of our generation. All he is the face of a team that could probably produce the same without him

  2. scott says:

    Nate Acreman –……Reggie Bush was the number two overall pick. How do you mess that up. It’s like misspelling cat.

  3. The Guru says:

    Jeff Roman and Landis Andrews, whoever the heck they are to have a voice, and given all the choices available, made 2 absurd selections. Favre would tell you HIMSELF he’s not as good as he used to be, but the question was “over-rated”, and no one rates Favre as the #1 or #2 guy in the league. Drew Brees, on the other hand, is having a sensational year without his #1 target, and to blame a potential 8-8 record, which is VERY unlikely, on him is laughable. Almost as laughable as you including these 2 bozos as supposed quotable experts. Not even, dudes….not even.

  4. Russ Loede says:

    Ten Thoughts, Views & Points:

    1. Peyton Manning, Brett Favre & Drew Brees – no comment, not a chance!

    2. How could anyone even think about considering Bart Scott over HOF Ray Lewis!?!? Scott is a good LB because he plays on the same defense with Ray. Ray still has it and means so much to the team. I’d take Suggs over Scott. What has Scott done since ’06?

    3. It’s good no one put Champ Bailey on the list! Teams have thrown his way just 10 times this season! Now he would be a good start to an “all-underrated” team. I wonder who would be chosen to the Top 10 on that squad?

    Now DeAngelo Hall on the other hand, great selection! Best choice by far! No need to look any further than the opener Monday Night against Denver and Eddie Royal!

    4. I know Randy Moss and Terrell Owens are lots of talk, hype, distraction, and show, but they just cannot be overrated. They are HOF’s just like Ray Lewis. Both Moss & Owens can single-handedly take over games with their playmaking abilities.

    5. Chad Johnson, Jeremy Shockey, and Vince Young are all easy targets because of what they’ve done recently (this year).

    6. Reggie Bush leads the NFL in total TD’s with 8 – how’s he overrated? Bush wasn’t supposed to be the next every-down workhorse bruiser at RB, he was supposed to be an electrifying game-changer – and he is just that!

    7. Romo is 50/50. So talented, such an improvisor, yet makes so many bad decisions at key moments/stages.

    8. I cannot place Larry Johnson in this list.

    9. Surprised Adrian Peterson’s name didn’t pop up with his fumbling, bumbling performance against Detroit. As of yet this season, he hasn’t impressed me all that much like I thought he would. That can certainly change this week…

    10. LaDainian Tomlinson would fit in just nicely on this list with his on-going injury problems. He is not a sure lock to be considered a Top 5 back of All-Time as he once was after his ’06 MVP year. Imagine the lethal San Diego Chargers offense with a healthy ’06 version of LT!