Gridiron Roundtable: Which of these four current AFC division leaders will NOT Win their Division: Buffalo, Baltimore, Tennessee, Denver


Jim Dubenetzky – Baltimore – They have wins against the Bengals and the Browns and haven’t been tested yet, with a rookie starting QB they are sure to struggle at some point this season. The Steelers are still the definite favorite in the AFC North, their only loss came at the hands of a very solid Eagles team.

Tony Johnson – Denver – Every one of their wins so far this season have been very close. Denver could easily be 0-3 instead of 3-0 had certain plays gone different. It won’t be long before the talent of the other teams in the AFC West become to much for them to handle.

Jeff Sack – Buffalo – If Buffalo played any other team last but Oakland last Sunday they are 2-1. Jets and Pats are more complete teams, Buffalo will end up in their customary third place.

Al Gordon – Baltimore – You have a rookie QB who played ok against a very bad Cleveland Browns Defense. Although their Defense has played well they are not going to get you 2 scores off of turnovers each week.

Jean-Paul Bergeaux – Denver – While Denver has looked impressive on offense, especially with Brandon Marshall hot to start the season, Denver has looked woeful on defense and needed bad calls in both the San Diego and New Orleans games to win. San Diego is the only threat, but is a legitimate threat that took the first step to retaking the division Monday night.

Cole Pepper – Baltimore – Baltimore is a pretender at 2-0. I am not a believer in their offense. Plus, their wins are against two bad teams in Cincinnati and Cleveland. The Ravens will also have to go the rest of the way without a bye week. They can claim the state championship in Ohio, however.

Chad Cribbins – Baltimore – Its kind of an apples to oranges questions because they haven’t played 3 games like all the other teams. Also, I think that their offense is the least productive of the 4 teams listed. Granted, D usually wins games as long as they don’t give up the big play, the Ravens haven’t played one good team yet….So they haven’t really been tested!

Jonny Ward – Tennessee – The Jags are too consistent of a team, even with injuries, and the Colts are primed to get their act together.

Stephen Rhodes – Baltimore – While the Ravens are a very good team with a shutdown defense, their offense is quite limited, with a rookie QB (Flacco) learning the team’s offensive playbook. The division is for Pittsburgh to lose.

Russ Loede – Buffalo
– As I watch the Bills, nothing stands out and makes me believe they will continue winning the way they’re winning. At 3-0 atop the AFC East, football is back in Buffalo; seeing they haven’t reached the post season since the “Music City Miracle”. As you very well know, all good starts and feel-good stories must come to an end. Balance only goes so far, and for now I don’t see how they can capture the division (last time: 1995) with just an average offense and defense – this story is not like Grandma’s old childhood stories, it will end much sooner than expected.

Jesse Rios – Baltimore – Simply put, the Baltimore Ravens have an aging defense while lacking a true division winning offense. With Cincinnati starting to play better and Pittsburgh still looking sharp, the Ravens will have trouble wrapping up their division amongst also playing the AFC South.

David Quinn – Baltimore – I say Baltimore won’t win their division. Cleveland’s going to wake up soon, Cincinnati won’t compete in the North this year, but Pittsburgh is still the best team in the AFC North and will win it. Buffalo could very well win the AFC East, Denver is looking good for the AFC West and Tennessee is in a weak division and could win also.

Jason Etgen – Baltimore – With a rookie QB, and a new head coach, there is no way they are good enough to keep Pittsburgh from taking that division.

Tim Hiller – Baltimore – It’s certainly between Buffalo and Baltimore, but given the fact that Baltimore has a rookie quarterback, and the Bills have the easiest schedule known to man, I’m going with Baltimore.

Matt Jergensen – Baltimore – Even though the AFC North looks like one of the weaker groups this season, The Ravens will not win the division. They have 14 games left in a row to play not to mention their competition includes games against Jacksonville, New York Giants, Philadelphia, and closing out Texas stadium against Dallas. Joe Flacco will have to mature quickly.

Jeremy Fuchs – Baltimore
– They will not win their division for two reasons: One, Pittsburgh will round into form, and two, I’m not a believer in Joe Flacco just yet.

Tony Derbigny – Tennessee – They are not going to be able to hold on to the lead with two great teams in the Colts and Jags waiting in the wings.

Shawn McAllister – Baltimore – Even with the strong defense they have Baltimore will be in a dog fight with Pittsburgh till the end, Baltimore cannot take the division from the steel curtain with a rookie quarterback.

Jerie OConner – Baltimore – Rookie HC and QB spell pretender not contender to me. Having said that I think that Harbaugh and Flacco are taking the Ravens in the right direction so that in 2009 they will be contending for the AFC North Division championship.

Wendy Bubp – Tennessee – How long can Kerry Collins keep it up… He is a great backup, and his teammates seem to have rallied around him, but I would think that the minute they falter, if healthy, they will revert back to Vince Young. I do think it’s scary that Young has as much time under center that he does, and he’s still having problems with pressure; but he is the face of the franchise.

Joseph Clifton – None – You could pick any 1 of these teams and make a case. Thats not my style. The team that will not win their division is all 4. Denver has no defense and they are 2 bad calls from being 1-2. The offense is great, but win they have to score 30+ to win. There is no way to be successful in the long run. There will be weeks when the points don’t come as easy, and they will be in trouble.San Deigo is to good not to win this division.

Tennessee is in a division with Indy and Jacksonville, both of those teams started slow. But both those teams will get it together. The Titans will change quarterbacks at least 1 more time this year. Offensively there is no comfort level to speak of. They will struggle to win games if they are forced to throw the ball. I still like Jacksonville to win this division.

Baltimore is in a division where they always beat each other ,no matter how good or bad the other teams are . There non division schedule is brutal, and they will suffer from the schedule. 15 games in 15 weeks is to much for any team. Give the rest of the league a couple more weeks to watch Flacco, and the turnovers will start flowing like water. The Steelers win this division by default.

Buffalo has a chance to win their division, with a balanced offense and a steady defense. I really like this team and they will be in the playoffs. But they are young, an unproven in situations that matter. I think New England has enough veteran leadership acrossed the board to sneak another division title in 2009.

So Our Results as follows:
Baltimore 13 Votes
Tennessee 3 Votes
Denver 2 Votes
Buffalo 2 Votes
None 1 Vote

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One Response to “Gridiron Roundtable: Which of these four current AFC division leaders will NOT Win their Division: Buffalo, Baltimore, Tennessee, Denver”

  1. ATLJagsFan says:

    I picked Baltimore, too, but I must’ve just missed the deadline.