Ranking the Five Worst Defenses in the League Entering Training Camp


We’ve been mowing through the offseason with the best and worst, and to date covered each side of the offensive side of the ball, and have thrown out the five best defenses heading into training camp. Now we finish up our series with the five teams that we feel are going to have the worst defenses as training camp starts in the next few weeks:

1. Atlanta – The poor Falcons were not very good last season, and that fact will be the case again in 2008. In 07 they allowed 355.5 yards per game, and don’t forget they got rid of one of their best defensive players – CB DeAngelo Hall. They will count on 2nd round pick Curtis Lofton to play the MLB spot so Keith Brooking can move to his natural weak-side spot. SS Lawyer Milloy is winding down his career, and the team did next to nothing to improve the D-line. It’ll be a long season for the Birds.

2. Kansas City – In a full rebuild mode in KC, this unit is going to have its issues – again. They moved unhappy but sack happy Jared Allen, and hope that youth will be served on the line, and Glenn Dorsey will live up to the hype. We’ll see. In their 9-game losing streak last year, they allowed over 190 yards rushing in those games, and teams seemed to score in bunches. The starting secondary is old, and by the early to mid-part of the year there will be a lot of changes in this unit.

3. Detroit – The Lions allowed a whopping 377 yards per game last year, and they have plenty of question marks up and down the defense again this year. They traded Shaun Rogers, who underperformed to the Browns, and are counting on players like Cory Redding and pickup Chuck Darby to lead the D-line. They let LB’s Boss Bailey and Teddy Lehman go in free agency, and will have Ernie Sims, Jordan Dizon and Paris Lenon as the starters there. The secondary allowed passers to complete 70 percent of passes last year, a number they have to improve on in 08.

4. Miami – Sorry Fin Fans, the Dolphins D is going to be in a transition mode this season, and that means new coach Tony Sparano is going to have growing pains with this unit. There is talent here, as yougnsters Matt Roth and Quentin Moses should have time to develop on the line. They will miss the leadership of Zach Thomas, and the possibility of them moving Jason Taylor seems high still. The secondary has few playmakers, and the LB core needs more from mouthy Joey Porter and Channing Crowder, who needs to make more plays.

5. Cleveland – While the offense in Cleveland can score with the best of them, the defense still has work to do. This was an area the team looked to upgrade big time this offseason, which is why they traded for the Packers Corey Williams and Lions Shaun Rogers to help on the line. The secondary is a huge problem area, as they moved Leigh Bodden in the Rogers deal, and will need Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald to really step up. This unit can be better, but there’s still much to be concerned about here.

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25 Responses to “Ranking the Five Worst Defenses in the League Entering Training Camp”

  1. Hazean says:

    Glad my Saints did not make the cut!

  2. James N says:

    I can see the Lions, Browns and Falcons. They all stank last year. All have addressed their problems through trades, FA, the draft or a combination. Still there is history there.

    What I do not understand are the other two teams. As bad as Miami was last season, the defense was the strength of the team. With Parcells, you have to figure an improvement on that side of the ball, and they did add a draft full of defensive linemen. At worst, they should stay out of the bottom 10.

    Even worse is Kansas City. This was one of the upper half of the league defenses last season, and they added a first and a second round draft pick. True they traded the NFL’s sack leader, but Hali had 7.5 sacks from the strongside. They are not without talent rushing the passer, and the defense looks much better against the run. Even a slide of 10 places, which would be a lot to attribute one player, does not put them in the bottom 5.

    Some teams to consider: San Fransisco, Denver, St Louis.

  3. CF says:

    Wow dude, were you high when writing this? Now, I’m not one to come and criticize every poorly written article on my Chiefs, but wow. For starters, KC ranked 13th in the NFL in total defense. Sure, a chunk of that is lost in Jared Allen. But, KC added one of the two best defensive players in April’s draft to the line in Dorsey. That’s bound to help fill his void.

    Starting secondary is old…huh?!?!?!? Patty Surtain is the only ‘old’ starter since Ty Law’s worthless ass was cut. Brandon Flowers, Jarrad Page, and Bernard Pollard, are 22, 23, & 23 years old respectively. So our starters’ average age is 25. Real old there dumbass. :rolls eyes:

    And according to you, the defense averaged to give up 190 yards on the ground during the 9 game losing streak. Well, I just crunched the numbers from the official NFL.com stats page, and the average was at 144. Not pretty, but still 46 less than what you’ve given credit for.

    What an asinine, ignorant article you’ve written here. How you got this job is way beyond me.

  4. Shawn says:

    KC……..seriously, dude do ur research

  5. Big58 says:

    Dont listen to my fellow Chief fans. They are homers

    Chiefs defense was all about Jared Allen.

    We are so cheap we caouldnt even sign the best DE at 26 years old.

    Glen Dorsey.. hated the pick, he’s got bad needs. And our pressure has always come from the ends, and now we got some 36 year old college draftee in Hali who is a bust.

    Dorsey will NEVER have the impact Allen ever did.

    I’m not a homer, but have just about given up on the Chiefs for being cheap owners, that why we have sucked the last 40 years and will continue to suck because we have the worst owner in the league

    Now that Allen is gone, watch teams tear us a new ass in the air

    We are going to get absoluetly ZERO pressure from the corners

    So your article is spot on!

  6. Matt Loede says:

    CF…First off, I do stand corrected on one stat from the Chiefs, in 3 of the 9 losses the team gave up more than 190 yards on the ground, and more than 140 in seven games. I do stand corrected there.

    As for the secondary, Surtain will be 32 this year, and Greg Wesley may start over Bernard Pollard, who missed a lot of tackles, last year, and he’s 30.

    I’ll stand by my comments, and we’ll talk again in December when this unit is at or near the bottom of the stats in overall defense.

    Thanks for reading!

  7. ryknow says:

    Wow, man. You’ve already left yourself open for criticism & were proven wrong on one part of your analysis. Then, you make another blind statement about Greg Wesley? Wesley has been rumored to be cut this entire offseason. Our front office has actually publically stated that he would be cut about a month ago. So, that part of your response holds absolutely no water. Next, I’ll discredit another thing you’ve said. Bernard Pollard had 90 tackles last year…AS A STRONG SAFETY! Not a linebacker, but a safety! The most tackles produced by any safety last year was 104 by Michael Lewis of the 49ers. The next closest was Chris Harris of Carolina with 96. So, you have basically said that a difference of 6 tackles in an entire season are what separates a top safety & one who “misses tackles”? C’mon, do some research, man.

    Bernard Pollard is guaranteed to be our starter. Jarrad Page will probably rotate with our 3rd round rookie Dajuan Morgan (not old, either in case you were wondering) and Brandon Flowers will likely start as our #2 cornerback. So, yes, CF was right. The only guy who can be considered “old” in our entire secondary is Patrick Surtain. Wesley will be cut or traded soon. Take that to the bank because it’s as good as money (our front office said so).

    Last but not least, here are a few statistics you should probably consider when re-writing this article (because let’s be honest, that’s what you need to do):

    -The Chiefs fielded the 12th ranked defense in the NFL in ’07 (in terms of yardage).
    -The Chiefs fielded the league’s best defense on third down conversion percentage in ’07.
    -The Chiefs ranked in the top 3 defenses in the NFL in scoring defense.
    -The Chiefs fielded a top 10 secondary in ’07 in terms of yardage.

    I’ll be waiting for your edited version of this article. It can’t be much worse than the original.

  8. CF says:

    Wesley? I’d really like to know where you heard that he would start over Pollard. Hell, he won’t even be on the team come September. He’s already asked for a release for one thing. Carl, as everybody knows, is stubborn as hell and is supposedly trying to work out a deal to ship him out of KC. So, if anybody is to unseat Pollard, it’s DaJuan Morgan. His age: 22.

    So go ahead and stand by your petty little comments. Bad team? Yea, I expect it. 2nd worst defense in the NFL? Hell naw.

  9. Chiefs_57103 says:

    “I’ll stand by my comments, and we’ll talk again in December when this unit is at or near the bottom of the stats in overall defense.”

    lol alright we will just have to see about this………We lost Jared Allen oh no we’re r gonna suck even worse now, cuz one player makes the biggest difference, dude trust me we improved on Defense from last year, i can bet u money that u r wrong about us, and Big58 u dont even deserve to call ur self a chiefs fan, ne one who gives up on their team is a traitor, Horrible Analysas Matt, keep up the good work

  10. Matt Loede says:

    NFL Draft Scout’s Comments on Bernard Pollard and Jarrard Page:

    “02/08/08 – SS Bernard Pollard and FS Jarrad Page are poster boys for the team’s rebuilding movement, and that’s a concern. Draftees in 2006 and starters in 2007, they’re as inclined to miss plays as make them, and they do both. Neither are proven open-field tacklers. Pollard will clobber a runner in tight quarters, then miss him completely in the open field. He remains susceptible to the double move. Page is a decent cover guy, but not accomplished enough as a tackler to be the last line of defense.”

    Lindy’s Pro Football Preview Comment on Pollard:

    “15-game starter at SS makes the big hit and had two picks, but also missed too many tackles”

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 11/07 on Page and Pollard in previewing the Packers-Chiefs Game:

    “Second-year safeties Jarrad Page and Bernard Pollard aren’t speedy, either. “They both look like linebackers,” the scout said. “It’s 1980s football. All this coverage stuff that safeties are asked to do now, that’s not their forte. Those guys are kind of old-time safeties.”

    In the teams 9-game losing streak they allowed 222 points, 24.6 points per game. What did this team do to upgrade this unit? Did they not get rid of Jared Allen? Hmmm… There’s your research, email me in December when they have 3-5 wins, and the defense is STILL ranked in the bottom of the league.

  11. Chiefs_57103 says:

    So u use other wanna be football analyasis like u for your information wow lol…..keep up the good work up btw ur the greatest ill be sure to email u

  12. Chiefs_57103 says:

    “In the teams 9-game losing streak they allowed 222 points, 24.6 points per game. What did this team do to upgrade this unit? Did they not get rid of Jared Allen? Hmmm: There’s your research, email me in December when they have 3-5 wins, and the defense is STILL ranked in the bottom of the league.”

    we upgraded by Drafting Glenn Dorsey, Bradon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Brian Johnstson, Signing Demerrio Williams, Cutting Ty Law, And we were never in the the Bottom of the league last year, we were never in the bottom, so how can we STILL be in the bottom of the league? I can Garuentee u we will be in the Top Half of the League this year in Defense, and that hardly Research, Nice try

  13. BK says:

    Ok I’m sick of your stupid half assed analysis, Matt.

    I am going to go through EVERY single position and tell you if we got better, worse, or stayed the same. On top of that, I will make sure to explain the player to you, that way you will understand what the Chiefs roster is, since the links you are looking at are from 07, and at the beginning of this year. How about you post some good links that are valued sources.

    RDE: Tamba Hali- Former First round pick, and has not un-impressed. VERY overlooked because of the impressive stats that JA put up. In his 2 seasons in the NFL he has recorded 121 tackles, 16 sacks, and 8 forced fumbles. That’s pretty damn good for a sophmore player, and that’s coming from the left end position where it is harder to get sacks from.
    Brian Johnston- Our 7th round pick, and JA’s clone! Have you seen his numbers? You know what, I can’t believe I just asked that, this is the same person that said Greg Wesley is going to be starting. Here’s some of the IMPRESSIVE numbers he put up at the combine…
    4.66 40, 2nd best among all DE’s, 1.51 10 yard dash, beating out DARREN MCFADDEN, MENDENHALL, and even AD’s time from last year!!! 35 inch vertical, 2nd among DE’s. 6.96 3 cone drill which was better than Mendenhall and again AD. Is that not impressive? Well, you’ll see when he is the nest Jared Allen with more speed.

    UT: Glenn Dorsey- The number one player in
    this season’s draft. END OF CONVERSATION

    NT: Tank Tyler- Last year’s 3rd round pick, who was a 1st round talent but fell because of “Character Issues” He was the strongest player in last year’s draft, and you will see that this season when he is overpowering OG’s. Tank is the real deal.

    LDE: Alphonso Boone- A converted DT is going to be playing DE this season. He will help our run defense tenfold! This conversion makes our D-Line one of the biggest, strongest, and best against the run in the NFL. We may not get the most sacks this year, but we sure as hell won’t allow the kinds of rushing yards we had last season!

    WLB: Derrick Johnson- Was snubbed out of the Pro-Bowl last season, and is one of the best young linebackers in the NFL. The only reason he doesn’t get recognition like Ware or Merriman is because they are in a system that gets them sacks, and sacks are “Sexy”

    MLB: Napoleon Harris- Not the greatest in the game, but he was here last year and did the job.

    SLB: Donnie Edwards- If you don’t know his body of work, you should be fired, RIGHT NOW!

    CB: Pat Surtain- You should know his body of work, I don’t feel like telling you anything about him because I shouldn’t have to.
    Brandon Flowers- Our 2nd round pick, and he is expected to come in and start from day one. Best Cover 2 Corner in the draft.
    Tyron Brackenridge- YOUNG UDFA that we picked up last season, and he performed well.
    Dimitri Patterson- Same as Brackenridge.

    SS: Bernard Pollard- YOUR ANALYSIS IS WAYYYY OFF! This dude is the real deal! He had 90 tackles last year as a SAFETY! Do you understand that? The leading tackler was Michael Lewis of the ‘9ers with 104, then the 2nd was Chris Harris of the Panthers with 96, and you’re gonna tell me that he MISSES tackles? Wow, I’d like to know what kind of tackles he would have if he didn’t miss all of those *ROLLS EYES*
    Greg Wesley- GOING TO BE CUT! It was announced by our FO a longggg time ago.
    FS: Jarrad Page- SEVENTH ROUND PICK, and has IMPRESSED! The guy is young, and raw, but he has all of the potential in the world!
    DaJuan Morgan- Our 3rd round pick, and we are expecting big things from him. If Page doesn’t perform this year, he’s got someone behind him that is fully capable of performing just fine.

    Ok, now for my analysis of each position…
    LDE: Upgraded in run support, downgraded in pass rush
    RDE: Upgraded in run support, downgraded in pass rush
    WLB: UPGRADED, DJ gets another year under his belt
    MLB: Same
    SLB: Same
    CB: UPGRADED, by releasing Ty Law, we upgraded here. He lost about 28 steps as the season went on last year.
    SS: UPGRADED, Pollard gets another year of experience
    FS: UPGRADED, we now have Page & Morgan here, both are capable of starting.

    So you see, your entire argument is stupid, and is full of false accusations. Please do research, and get some links from within the last couple months, not 2007 for god sakes!

  14. ryknow says:

    “In the teams 9-game losing streak they allowed 222 points, 24.6 points per game. What did this team do to upgrade this unit? Did they not get rid of Jared Allen? Hmmm: There’s your research, email me in December when they have 3-5 wins, and the defense is STILL ranked in the bottom of the league.”

    You’re cracking me up, man. Did you ever stop and ask yourself “why”? I doubt it. Take a look at how many more rushing attempts we faced as a defense than passing attempts. Don’t you think that might be attributed to other teams running the ball to run out the clock? “Why would they do that?” you ask? Because they were in the lead. Why was that? Because the Chiefs’ offense was historically bad. We ranked 32nd in the NFL in rushing & 20th in passing. Those things can be attributed to Larry Johnson getting injured, a first time starter in Brodie Croyle at QB and an over the hill offensive line. So, yes, our numbers as a defense were skewed last year due to those factors. What I find hilarious is that you keep claiming that our defense is/was ranked at the bottom of the league. Take a look at NFL.com, man. Click on ‘stats’, then ‘team stats’, then ‘total defense’. Then, actually look at something that most columnists consider to be research; ACTUAL FACTS (Not parroted opinions formed by blind statements around the league).

    At this point, you’ve proven nothing. Oh, and “email me in December when you have 3-5 wins”??? What are you? 12? Provide me statistics to prove your point & I’ll stop making you look foolish. Generic articles, that you obviously can’t tell if they’re accurate or not, prove absolutely nothing. Give me YOUR research, not someone else’s. I’ll be waiting.

  15. ryknow says:

    Haha. Nice, one Matt. I just noticed that you couldn’t even correctly spell the name of that supposed struggling safety of ours. But in case you were wondering (probably not), his name is Jarrad Page, not Jarrard. I doubt you care, but I’m sure your readers would love to know how uninformed you are. Thanks for the laugh.

  16. BK says:

    Where are you at, Matt Loede? You already done backing up your poorly written article? Hmm…

  17. Zizou says:

    clearly “Matt” the “columnist” pays other services to do research he should be doing himself. You probably also expect to find corn growing on ever corner of KC, because its “what you heard” I can understand if you were really behind on this story, which i swear you were, that you could just think of the stereotypical bad defenses of the past 5 years, and just find skewed statistics, and just blatant misinformation to back up your argument. I did the same things in high school English class the night before i had to turn in an essay. Just write an apology to your teachers (which is all the posters who have berated you for your retardation) and we’ll get off of your back for ya.

  18. Matt Loede says:

    Hey All….Here’s another attempt to educate the mass of Chiefs fans that have lashed out over this ranking and seem to continue to see the world with rose colored glasses:

    Chiefs_57103: First off, to refer to publications like Lindy’s and the Milwaukee Journal as “wanna be football analyasis” is a bit of a reach for even someone as well versed as yourself. Let’s give these fine writers and publications there due please. You also stated that you “upgraded” the defense with drafting Glenn Dorsey, Bradon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Brian Johnstson, Signing Demerrio Williams, and cutting Ty Law. While there may be some truth to that, it for sure won’t be THIS SEASON. I have high hopes for Dorsey, but I think it’s safe to say that the jury is out on some of the other players, and I think even your head coach and GM would agree with that. Thank you for the comment anyway.

    BK: Awesome breakdown of your club, your welcome to write for our network any day! Once again, I feel that the sources used in the previous comment are “valued sources,” but I respect your decision to disagree with that. As for your breakdown:

    Brian Johnston? – Your counting on a 7th round pick from 1-AA Gardner-Webb to be the the next Jared Allen? That takes some balls to say the least to throw that out there.

    Glenn Dorsey – Best player in the draft? Your opinion, and yes, as said above I feel he has a ton of talent, but let’s let his body of work, which right now he has none on the Pro level, speak for itself at years end.

    Tank Tyler – Again, your counting on a guy with 11 tackles in 15 games…we’ll see if he steps it up when he plays more this season.

    Derrick Johnson – Solid player, I’ll give you that.

    Pat Surtain – this from Pro Football Weekly (hopefully a “Valued source”): Chiefs CB Patrick Surtain certainly is not young at age 32, but our sources tell us that he has looked even older during minicamp. He apparently is moving very slowly and looks like a player on his last legs. The veteran might have only one productive year left.

    Brandon Flowers – Rookie, who knows how he’ll adjust…

    Bernard Pollard – Sorry BK, your way missing the boat on this guy, is not as good as you think, and as stated by “valued sources” is a good hitter in the secondary but misses big plays and tackles (sorry, just stating the facts).

    With that, I don’t think my outlook has many “false accusations” considering your counting on an unproven line that was ripped up last season (130 yards per game allowed rushing, 4.3 yards per carry), a secondary with question marks, and linebackers that are middle of the road at best with the exception of Johnson.

    ryknow – Sorry about the misspelling on Jarrad’s name…didn’t realize you took that so personally and made me “uninformed” because of a typo.

    As for your argument that the “numbers as a defense were skewed” because the offense was so bad, that’s not exactly a fair argument. I’ve seen plenty of offenses that are bad and put teams in a hole, yet the defense steps up and holds teams. The 2000 Ravens and 2006 Bears are two that quickly come to mind. It’s as if your saying that because the offense was so bad, the defense simply had no chance? Interesting. And as far as re-visiting this discussion in December, I don’t feel that’s exactly something from a 12-year-old, I’m simply stating to see where the chips fall, and we’ll see then who was right and who was wrong.

    Thanks again for reading.

  19. ryknow says:

    “ryknow – Sorry about the misspelling on Jarrad’s name:didn’t realize you took that so personally and made me “uninformed” because of a typo.”

    Well, considering that you write sports articles for a living, you should be held to a higher standard than most, would you not agree? A typo is a typo. But, based off of the false statements you’ve made so far in the articles I’ve read from you, I have my doubts that it was a simple slip of the keyboard. You haven’t exhibited any actual knowledge of the Chiefs franchise yet. You still just keep quoting sources from other websites, who quite frankly, do the same thing you do as a profession. They sit in front of their computer all day & regurgitate the information that THEIR sources tell them and anyone who doesn’t question the validity of what scouting sites say is a fool. Of course, that may just be my opinion, but I’m sure you can relate to some degree, no?

    “As for your argument that the “numbers as a defense were skewed” because the offense was so bad, that’s not exactly a fair argument. I’ve seen plenty of offenses that are bad and put teams in a hole, yet the defense steps up and holds teams. The 2000 Ravens and 2006 Bears are two that quickly come to mind. It’s as if your saying that because the offense was so bad, the defense simply had no chance? Interesting. And as far as re-visiting this discussion in December, I don’t feel that’s exactly something from a 12-year-old, I’m simply stating to see where the chips fall, and we’ll see then who was right and who was wrong.”

    Did you seriously just refer to two of the greatest defenses of all time and compare them to a middle of the road team? Wow. BTW, I think you meant the ’05 Bears, not the ’06 Bears. The ’05 Bears were allowed only 281 yards/game (2nd in the NFL) while the ’06 Bears allowed 294 yards/game (5th in the NFL). But, I digress. Either way, I never claimed that our defense is top 5 in the NFL (or historic, for that matter) like the two you just mentioned. They are a middle of the pack defense. Somewhere in between 10th & 20th is where they will rank this season, even without Jared Allen. We ranked 13th last year with him. There is no way that the loss of one good player (and the addition of 3 young potential starters via the draft) will drop us from 13th to 31st.

    Why do I say that, you ask? Well, not only is our defense getting raving reviews in training camp, but our offense should be improved tenfold. Larry Johnson is back from injury, we still have 2nd year man Kolby Smith and just added speedster RB Jamaal Charles via draft. The RB and improved offensive line are the two most important factors for us this season because we run a ball control offense. What does ball control mean, you ask? It means we’re eating up the time of possesion, keeping it away from the opposing offenses, thus helping our rushing defense. Again…why would that help your rushing defense, you ask? Well, if the Chiefs are in the lead and the opposing offense has less time to move the ball down the field to score points, they’re going to have to throw the ball (not run it). That’s exactly why I was referring to the previous stats. But, since you completely ignored that part of my post, I’ll do the research for you:

    The Chiefs faced 481 rushing attempts as a defense last year, tying us for the 6th most in the NFL. The Dolphins, Jets, 49ers, Raiders and Broncos were the only teams to face more rushing attempts. Hmm…those teams were ranked 32nd, 29th, 22nd, 31st & 30th, respectively. It’s not a coincidence. If you face more rushing attempts, you’re going to give up more rushing yards. It’s simple common sense.

    So, in short, yes. The numbers as a defensive whole ARE skewed from the ’07 season…and I just proved it to you.

    As for your “email me in December” comment…how can you not consider that to be the kind of comment a 12 year old would make? It’s smack talk & all you’re doing is insulting your readers by doing so. Real smart there, huh? That’s the PERFECT way to build a fan base! Pssh. If I could hand you a quarter over the internet, I would. That way, you could buy some sense.

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting your reply.

  20. Chiefs_57103 says:

    Jared allen went a D2 school and was a long snapper outta college in the 4th round u cant tell me we got lucky w/ him

  21. d-town11 says:

    I dont mind the lions being rated thier but I think they could suprise people defensivley if they remain healthy. Last year in the first half of the season they forced a lot of turnovers and if they can do that they will suprise you I think. And they added Bodden who is a great zone coverage corner. And wow seems like Chief fans think their team is going to win the SB or something lol.

  22. Chiefs_57103 says:

    NFl Draft scout…….he isnt a real scout u know that right? and just to let u know Jared Allen Went to the University of Idaho State…..which is a D-2 school he came into the draft as a Long snaper and he only did 11-12 bench press reps, we got him in the 4th round….you cant say we didnt get lucky w/ him……….now if we drated a guy in the 5th round who was at a D1AA school and is faster, stronger, and more athletic than JA, and he’s been looking good in practice you cant help but wonder how good this guy is really gonna be

  23. Chiefs_5627 says:

    LMAO, you lost any and all credibility when you said that Greg Wesley might start over Pollard! That alone proves you have no clue about the Chiefs ‘cept for reading a few mags and forming an opinion. The you go on to goof up the stats that youre using to try to prove your point, my goodness man!

    Please let me know how many times you’ve watched the Chiefs. Ill bet, MAYBE, one but quite surely none. Be honest Mr Loede you got called on your lack of research and now you’re just hanging onto your precious scout books to validate your points.

    Good day.

  24. Kyle says:

    Chiefs one of the worst in the league? After being 13th last year? Sorry, the loss of one player does not drop us 17 or 18 spots in the rankings. Our starting secondary is old? Patrick Surtain is the only one over 30. Both starting safeties are 23 and if one falters we have rookie Dajuan Morgan to challenge them. The other cornerback is Brandon Flowers, a rookie.

    Pretty bad analysis if you ask me. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t make stuff up and used actual facts.

  25. Matt Loede says:

    Hey Chiefs Fans….

    I TOLD YOU SO~!!!!!!!!