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McShay’s Winners And Losers in the 2008 NFL Draft

Could Former Hawks RB Alexander Be on the Bengals Radar?

While the Bengals seem to have a solid pair of running backs in Rudi Johnson and Chris Perry, there may be room for more, as the team may take a look at bringing in former Seahawk RB Shaun Alexander.  Jim Steiner, the agent for Alexander, told the Cincy Enquirer in an email – “Making calls […]

Favre’s Former Teammate Says He Wants to Play Again

While we have heard time and time again Brett Favre say the same thing about “being able to play,” but “not sure about wanting to play,” more and more evidence is coming out that points to #4 being back on the field at somepoint in 2008.  Now one of Favre’s former teammates is coming out […]

New Redskins Toys Gives the Team Plenty of Options

A couple of young Redskin wide outs are looking to have big impacts once the 2008 season kicks off.  Those two WR’s are draft picks Devin Thomas and Malcom Kelly, both of whom landed in the Skins lap over the weekend at the NFL Draft.  New coach Jim Zorn wants to run plenty of 3 […]

Bears and Other Teams with QB Issues to Keep an Eye on the Bucs

It might not take very long for the Bears to realize that Rex Grossman and/or Kyle Orton is not the answer at QB, and if that happens, or if it happens early enough, the team may turn to Tampa Bay for a possible QB alternative.  The Bucs will be one of those teams that a […]

2009 NFL Mock Draft from ESPN’s Draft Analyst Todd McShay

Get An Early Inside Look At Next Year’s Mock Draft That Includes Florida’s Sensational QB Tim Tebow, Two Offensive Playmakers From The Georgia Bulldogs Squad, And Of Course Lots Of USC & LSU Standouts.  Read The Article:  2009 Mock Draft

Don’t Bet on Early Draft Picks Meaning Early Success

The 2008 NFL Draft is in the books, and while rookies around the league will make an impact, it has not changed the landscape in the odds to win the Super Bowl, as the Pats remain the heavy favorite in that regard at 5/8. Some of the higher draft picks that should have the biggest […]

Expected Saints Deal for Shockey Doesn’t Get Done

The deal that a lot of people thought was going to done did not on draft day, as the Saints and Giants were unable to pull a deal off for tight end Jeremy Shockey.  It was a deal that was talked about a lot leading up to draft day, and many thought it was going […]