Randy Moss the Best Ever? Not Even Close to Rice’s Greatness


With the Super Bowl now just three days away, there has been a lot of talk here at the Super Bowl about Randy Moss and his legacy as far as one of, if not the best ever wide out in the National Football League.  Moss even stated last week about his status, and how he feels with his 23 TD’s this season (an NFL record) that he should be known as the best every, irking all-time great Jerry Rice.  What do you think?  Has Moss redeemed himself enough to prove that he is the all-time best?  Is he better than Rice? Great question that deserves more thought.

First off, Moss did indeed set an NFL record with 23 TD’s this season in 16 games for a team that set records up and down for being one of, if not the best ever.  Rice’s record beaking season took place in 1987, when he set the then NFL record with 22 TD’s, and mind you this came in just 12 games (it was a strike-shortened season).  If Rice would have played in 16 games, (he averaged 1.8 per game), he could have, and likley would have ended with plenty more.  Take the average of what he did in 12 games, Rice would have put up about 28-29 TD’s.  You have to wonder if Moss thought of that.

Next is the yardage.  Rice put up 22,895 in 20 seasons, averaging 1114.75 per season, and that does include the 1997 season, a year in which he was hurt in the second game of the season and had just 1 catch for 7 yards.  His best year yardage wise was 1995, when he had 1848 yards for 115.5 yards per game.  Onto Moss.  He has 12193 yards to date in 10 seasons, 1219 yards per season on average.  His best year yardage wise was this past one, with 1493 yards, 93.3 yards per game.

Can Moss catch Rice?  Unlikley.  He would have to put up 10,702 yards to reach Rice, meaning even if he plays another 10 years, (he’d be 41, so forget it), he’d have to put up over 1,000 yards per season.  Forget it.  Not going to happen, and Moss would be best to simply give the props to Rice as the best in terms of pure numbers.  They are such gaudy numbers, that even playing for possibly the best offensive team ever is not enough for Moss to reach Rice.

Now is the simple fact that Rice was well known as one of the best team players in the game.  He’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer, a guy known as a great teammate, and would go out of his way for blocking for the backs, wide outs, or even in the later 49’ers years when Steve Young would take off running with the football. This is not something Moss would, or ever is going to do.  He’s had what appears to be an attitude change, and has brought into the Pats system – BUT, I would not doubt if he got a ring Sunday fled via free agency, and went back to his selfish ways.

Rice is, and likely may always be the best ever.  Moss is a great wide out – on the verge of the Hall of Fame?  Maybe.  He has more to prove, and needs to do a lot in the later part of his career to prove and go down as one of the best ever.  Right now though, there is still no comparsion – Rice is the better wide receiver.

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10 Responses to “Randy Moss the Best Ever? Not Even Close to Rice’s Greatness”

  1. Kyle Stack says:

    No doubt. Rice’s workouts are things of legend. Plus Rice was much better at turning short slants into touchdowns, but was still a great deep route runner. Moss is as one-dimensional a receiver as any Hall of Fame-worthy receiver has ever been. Maybe Lynn Swann too.

  2. Ryan says:

    The fact that Moss thinks he may be better than Rice shows his immaturity. He is so far from most of Rice’s career records. It’s not the time for him to even consider comparing himself to Rice. This is the same guy who had about 500 yards and three touchdowns last year and quit on his team, right?

  3. ol dirty bronco says:

    Heres the deal playing receiver in college and wanting to be a coach its pretty plain and simple that at the top of the list is no question jerry rice, if moss and culpepper would have kept the same pace i don’t know. I’m almost 100% sure that moss had more TD’s and more yards than rice did through i think 7 seasons. but in ifs and buts were not looking. randy moss top 5, probably between him and T.O. for best receiver of right now.

  4. mike j says:

    What none of you have mentioned is that Jerry Rice had Joe Montana and Steve Young, 2 hall of fame QB’s throwing to him most of his career. Randy Moss had Randall Cunningham OLD, Jeff George OLD, Brad Johnson, Gus Frerotte, and Daunte Culpepper in Minnesota.
    NONE of those players are going to the hall of fame and Moss still made them look terrific. Now that he has Tom Brady winging it to him look at the numbers after one season! 98 rec, 1493 yards and 23 td’s he had no fumbles, the most 100-yard receiving games and the most catches of 40 yards or more with 9 in the NFL. Jerry Rice’s stats are better for sure but Moss has done more with less his whole career.

    and by the way Mr.Loede, Moss’s best season yardage wise was in 2003, with 1632 yards receiving.

  5. greg johnston says:

    Randy Moss just might be the best ever even if he don’t catch Rice’s stats. Stats aren’t everything, ask Barry Sanders.

  6. Travis says:

    for u people who say rice is better than moss…u ppl r nuts for so many reasons…and i will explain….first off moss is WAY WAY WAAAAAAAAY MORE TALENTED THAN RICE….anything rice can do…moss could do better…moss can do things rice can’t…i mean moss is just a freak….probably the most talented WR to ever play football…..and u have to look at it this way…rice has always had his QBs through out his career, not to mention HALL OF FAME QBs…(montana, young, ect)….look at the QBs moss has had through his career (an old cunningham, jeff george, todd bouman, brad johnson,brister, daunte culpepper) any of those hall of famers? NO they r not….moss has done more with less in his career than rice has…moss has never had his HOF QB until now..and look what hes done this year…if he had a QB like brady his entire career….WOW is all i have to say…..i just dont think rice is better than moss…moss is better than rice in every aspect of the game…like said hes a freak…and moss has been on the 2 best offenses and highest scoring offenses ever in NFL history…hmmm quinsidence? i think not…..rice might have moss in longevity…but moss is the better WR..and probably the best ever…and even cris carter said moss could do things that NO WR could ever do, and he said it blows his mind. and he said moss could possibly be the best ever…so u ppl think what u want…but id take moss over rice any day


    I am a diehard 49ers fan & I went to Candlestick Park games. I had posters of Jerry Rice on my walls. Jerry Rice was my biggest influence to play football. I’m a realist, I am able to drop my pure love and idol and admiration to Jerry Rice in sake of pure argument. I was a star wide-receiver in High School and played College Football. I know football & I know that Randy Moss is a better pure athlete than Jerry Rice. I know Jerry Rice is my idol, but for me, I’m comfortable with Randy Moss being mentioned in the same breath as Jerry Rice. Moss is awesome. I’ve followed his whole career. The media paints the worse picture of this guy. He can run routes. He does work hard. He is a team player. He can block. He is faster than Rice, he has just as much juke, separation and hands. He can jump up higher than Jerry. Rice did those endzone double coverage jump balls too, for those of you that that don’t know. So, when people say Moss only runs and jumps. It’s ignorance, hate and sportscenter highlights all you see. The absolute BIGGEST thing nobody brings up is the fact that Randy Moss has 17+ Td’s in 3 seasons now. Jerry Rice only has 2 in his whole career! I bet Randy duplicates that feat a few more times. Here is something huge to think about. Jerry Rice “didn’t” get 23 receiving TD’s in 16 games. He got 22 in his 3rd season, a shortened season of 12 games. Awesome, but. He never even got close to that again and played as you all know till his 40’s. I think it needs to be mentioned, Rice “didn’t” score 23 TD’s in 16 games. I’m a huge Rice fan. I was actually at his last game as a 49er before he went to Oakland. So, now that you know I’m from the Bay Area and grew up a Rice fan. I believe all things aside from career, Pro Bowls, Stats, SuperBowl Rings, Etc. Randy Moss is the best Wide-Receiver we’ve ever seen. Period. He started his career at a very young age of 21 years old, and scored 17TDS!! Yes, 17 Td’s! He’s the most feared player on offense, maybe ever. He is on offense what Deion Sanders could do for you on defense. I know X’s & O’s. His mere presence is more scary and impacting to the defense than Rice’s ever was. I remember every game Rice ever played. This debate has even goes back to their college football days. Moss broke Rice’s college records. Nobody ever has ever caught more regular season touchdown passes than any freshman in NCAA history and broke nearly every record in the receiving book, the most noteworthy being Jerry Rice’s consecutive touchdown reception mark, and the 29 TD’s Moss got over Rice’s 27 TD’s his first season in NCAA. Did you do your research? Moss’s 2nd season before pro’s at Marshall, 1997, Moss grabbed a record 25 touchdown receptions. (moss & rice’s first year in college was ncaa-II) Was arguably one of the greatest season or 2 year career by any college player, ever. (#1 player is Barry Sanders in my opinion, not many would argue). Lastly, I leave you with this. He has state H.S. titles in the 100m 200m dashes. A great college track runner as well. State title in football. And a great basketball player. He was drafted in baseball, which many thought was his best sport (centerfield). According to Lou Holtz, he’s the greatest high school athlete he’s ever seen. Bobby Bowden said his measuring stick for athletes is Deion Sanders as far as when people as him questions about players. Bowden said, Moss is a bigger Deion Sanders. Only guy he’s ever mentioned up there with Deion. I think, not sure though, that Lou Holtz also repeated those same words. Moss ran at Florida State, a 4.25, (3’6″ vertical also) only faster ever was Deion’s 4.23. Impressive. Although, Dennis Green did say once on National T.V., he ran a 4.18. Deion said 4.19 on T.V. once I heard live also. I think your missing the point in the great scheme of things. Moss is Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders, and Jerry Rice, in one body. Basically the High School and college talk ,I was just stating how great an athlete he really is. Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders and Randy Moss are the 3 best ever. And that he broke Rice’s records in college also.
    In conclusion, Rice can be said to be the best ever still. I agree. Moss has the potential to be considered the best ever. He has the better tools to do so. You can argue this and argue that. I believe in between the lines, nothing to do with your opinion of the man himself. No one has ever been more explosive or impressive, graceful and dominant as Moss. If Randy Moss can keep up these stats, for the stat hermits. One day it will be hard to argue Jerry Rice being the best ever. The multiple seasons touchdowns of 17+ Td’s, I believe will be 5-6 seasons for Moss to only 2 seasons for Jerry Rice. In closing, most people compare Jerry Rice and Randy Moss’s first 10 years, for stat projections, but they never say Randy Moss is 2 years younger than Rice was in the 10th year of playing in the NFL. Moss started younger. Moss is 30 in his 10th year, Rice was 32. Thanks for reading my views. We should just enjoy Moss on the field and embrace greatness and entertainment. Rice or Moss? Payton or Sanders? Montana or Brady? Mays or Bonds? Same category. End of

  8. Jerry Rice hands down. says:

    Jerry Rice wins hands down. Alright..lets start with the qbs..Yes Rice had hall of fame qbs, but look at the raiders 17 years in his career. over 1k yards in 2001 and 2002, nearly 900 in 2003. Now that’s without a hall of fame quarterback and he was 39-41 years old. That right there says a lot. I seriously doubt moss will catch over 1k yards at age 40..he probably wont play until 40 either. Moss will never get near Rices’ yards record. I mean for moss to beat that he’ll have to get over 1k yards every season until hes 41. Sure he might have the TD record…in 16 games vses Rice’s 12. If rice played those 4 more games hes on track to 25+ tds..now would he catch that many..no one will know its just speculation. In conclusion, before i write an essay..which I probably could, Rice over Moss any day. Hes more complete, but can you imagine them on the same team? 😀

  9. JT Kit says:

    Best stats, Rice obviously. Greatest receiver, not even close(even Jerry will tell you that), they don’t call him the Freak for nothing.