Not Time To Hit the Panic Button

Wade Phillips

Quick someone sound the air raid sirens, the Dallas Cowboys are about to explode! T.O. is going to self destruct, Patrick Crayton’s head is going to explode, or Tony Romo is going to have another five interception game. The Cowboys destruction is imminent just wait it could be anytime now. Well you would think so, wouldn’t you?

Watching ESPN and the NFL Network, that seems to be the general consensus everyone is coming to. The Cowboys lost this week against possibly the greatest offensive team in the NFL. It has to be the Cowboys are just a really bad team. They are the most overrated team in the NFL, ask Skip Bayless he’ll tell you. Never mind the fact that he picked the NFC East to all be sitting at 8 and 8 by the end of the season. Just ask Rich Eisen of and he’ll tell you the Cowboys got blew out by the New England Patriots and that Patrick Crayton is getting far too ahead of himself talking about the Super Bowl. Someone needs to throw Crayton in some water to clear the steam. I even saw a story on some Dallas news website talking about Terrell Owens being unhappy with his role in Dallas, he’s just not saying anything about it. Get ready for it people it’s going to happen, the ‘experts’ are telling us so.

Lets face it, the experts don’t know when Terrell Owens is going to explode or whether he will or not. They are sports analyst, and I doubt that they have a single psychology degree between them. Terrell Owens has not so much as made a peep about his frustrations for his role with the team. In fact the article even says so in it’s headline, but he’s frustrated. I always thought the media’s job is to report the news, but clearly with T.O. it has moved to the offensive instead. Creating the news when the real story just isn’t good enough.

Then there is the talk about Patrick Crayton saying that the New England defense isn’t the real deal. Oh the offense is definitely, but the defense isn’t. He goes on to say that if they see New England again, and unless New England loses in the playoffs they’ll see each other again they’ll be able to prove it. My oh my, what are we going to do, the backup wide receiver to Terry Glenn is getting a big head. Guaranteeing a win. Why isn’t Phillips bring him back down to earth? After all isn’t the teams goal to make it to the wild card and lose handedly in the first game? That’s what the Cowboys are shooting for right? Why in the world would anyone want to go to the Super Bowl? Who plays for that? I am telling you, this is the biggest non-story since the history of non-stories. Every team is trying to make it to the Super Bowl. We knew from the start that’s what the Cowboys wanted. If you want something you have to believe you can do it, instead of undermining what Crayton is saying here, why aren’t they commending his confidence?

Tony Romo has turned the ball over 7 times in the last two weeks. He is on the down side, earth must be calling back to Tony Romo. He must not have ever been that good huh? Turning the ball over 7 times is a great stat if you look at it over a series of several games, but in fact 6 times was in one game. He only turned the ball over once against the Patriots. He only turned it over 3 times in the first 4 games. Isn’t it possible, even if just minute, that Romo had a bad game against the Bills? Those things have been known to happen.

Then there is the worry that they may not be over last week’s loss to New England and that will cause them to suffer huge against New England. As far as I know, however, the Cowboys have been practicing all week to play Minnesota. Yes, that’s right, if any of you have forgotten Minnesota comes to Dallas this week. While ESPN certainly seems to have forgotten, everything from Dallas certainly points to them knowing who they play next. If the reporters would only start asking questions about the next game, we might actually get to hear the players voice their concerns over next week.

So lets not hit any panic buttons yet. There is news with the Dallas Cowboys, like Tank Johnson practicing for the first time with the Cowboys on Friday or maybe even a follow up story on Ron Springs who is still in the hospital. There is, however, at this moment no reason to be worried about Patrick Crayton’s head exploding, Terrell Owens isn’t complaining about the team, and Romo isn’t following the path of Grossman as of yet. The Cowboys will be heading into the bye week at either 5 and 2 or 6 and 1, either way that’s better than where we sat last year.

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