What Our Readers are Saying About the Michael Vick Situation

Here is just a sample of the numerous emails we have gotten today in regard to the MichaelĀ  Vick charges:


What a monster!!! Poor defenseless creatures:That #$%^#-ing monster:.. He is by far worse than anything that walks this earth:.. torturing for pleasure: that is frightening::.and he deserves lifetime ban::

Carla Martino:

This man should be should be permanently barred from the NFL. I have read the indictment. He has lied to Commisioner Goodel. I find this a horrific crime. Whether or not he is found guilty of all the charges, being involved with this in anyway is unforgivable & unacceptable. There are children who look up to this man. Athletes are overpaid spoiled brats and need to be brought back to reality. Their money doesn’t make them exempt from the law. My only question is who are his sponsors other than Nike. I need to make sure I do not purchase any of these products until this man is dropped & barred from the NFL. Would you people be so forgiving if he had done this to your child. Dogs have emotions and can feel pain also. Think about that.

Jackie Casano:

One can’t stoop much lower than to commit atrocities such as the ones Michael Vick and his fellow low lives have been indicted for. Vick should be suspended immediately. What kind of message is the NFL sending out otherwise?

Jen Ayers:

I’m trying not to jump to any judgements, but if he’s guilty of even one of the charges, I hope he never get’s to play football again. Those poor dogs never got a second chance.

Kim Holstein:

These are very serious charges. Even if he may not be an active partipant, he has to have knowledge of the fights and the conditions and treatments of the dogs. Once again, this is a case of an athlete thinking they are above the law. I believe he should be striped of the honor of playing in the NFL.

We encourage our readers to give their comments about Vick by leaving comments on what you think should happen with the Falcons QB.

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41 Responses to “What Our Readers are Saying About the Michael Vick Situation”

  1. Christine Dugan says:

    He should be suspended right now and if he makes a deal with prosecutors OR is found guilty, he should be banned for life…then put into a shark cage, with a shark.

  2. Bill Montgomery says:

    Vick should be suspended immediately. This is a very serious offense. Anyone that would breed an animal to kill another for sport should spend time behind bars. This breed has gotten a bad rap because of this “sport”.
    There is no way that Vick didn’t know what was going on…the facilities were on his property…how could he not have known? These poor dogs are kept in the worst of conditions, and are mistreated from the time they are born. Think about your family dog, and if it were treated in the same manner. I dont know about everyone else, but I would be out to hurt anyone that hurt my dog intentionally.

  3. Nora Sinkankas says:

    Of COURSE Michael Vick should be suspended from the NFL IMMEDIATELY! The fact that there is even a question about suspending him illustrates how far off the NFL’s moral compass is. A winning season should be more than points and dollars. When a Police Officer fires his weapon, he/she is suspended pending completion of a full investigation, period. A Federal Grand Jury has found enough evidence to hand down an indictment against Mr. Vick. Michael Vick must be held accountable and should be suspended until this can be sorted out in a court of law by a jury of his peers. Right or wrong, America’s youth look up to these professional athletes and it’s high time the NFL, as well as the American public, DEMAND that they perform morally, ethically, and responsibly, both on the field as well as off the field. The rest of us do…

  4. Melissa says:

    This guy is a real monster, how can one find pleasure in watching dogs tear each other apart and fight until almost death….maybe he should suffer the same fate as many of these dogs did, throw him in a rin and make him fight until his ear is falling off, he has a gash in his head, his jaw broken and see how he likes it. You have to be real sick is the head to find enjoyment in this torture

  5. Diane Lamkin says:

    Why is it an “incredibly difficult” decision for the Falcons?????? Is it maybe MONEY? There are many decent, talented ball players in this nation, so it shouldn’lt be so difficult to find someone to replace Vick… Sending a message to our children (and scumbags) is more important than winning or making money. Will SOMEBODY just be honorable in this travesty and strip Vick of his glory? Then, may justice be served on him and his ilk.

    Diane Lamkin

  6. sheri says:

    if covicted of this crime ….
    vick should be allowed to play football…but if he doesnt make touchdowns or complete passes…he should be watered down and electricuted ….drug behind a fast moving vehicle on pavement…dropped from 1000 feet on a hard surface…..whats good for the goose …an eye for an eye…do unto others as you would have them do unto you…….this behavior should not be acceptable….

  7. Kevin says:

    I completely agree with the above comments. Vick should be suspended immediately. If he pleas or is found guilty, then he should be banned for life! But let me pose this question: Would we have the same feelings toward the accused if it were say Brett Favre or Tom Brady? Just curious

  8. Nora Sinkankas says:

    In response to Kevin, I don’t care if it’s Brett Favre, Tom Brady, or myself. We should ALL be held accountable for our actions.

  9. Alma says:

    NFL and all of Vick’s sponsors, including Nike, have to disassociate themselves from him immediately. Cruelty of his actions is bad enough, but beyond cruelty, there is the question of breaking the law. As a representative of NFL and a representative of his sponsors, Vick has forever tarnished his name and he has no place in a league of players that are role models to so many.

  10. LINDA LISTON says:

    I am appalled on what I am hearing in the news about
    your quarterback Michael Vick. How could an
    organization like the Atlanta Falcons keep an
    individual like Michael Vick on their team. Is this
    the type of football player, the Atlanta Falcons has
    for our children to look up to. Jeffrey Dauber was
    known to show cruelty to animals, I now see a close
    resemblance to Michael Vick. I am sending email to
    my friends hoping they will in turn do the same. We
    are consisted animal lovers especially dog owners, how
    can we let this person get away with what he did to
    those poor dogs. I have also sent my letter to Nike
    encouraging them to stop endorsing Michael Vick.
    Please do the same.

  11. jstovall says:

    People who abuse animals and break the law
    are of very poor character. The NFL doesn’t need individuals like that. He should be permanently suspended. He should go down and people like him eventually do. I hope he gets
    prison time.

  12. Randy says:

    Thanks Vick, now I have to explain to my 14 yr old who (used to wear your jersey) and plays football himself, why someone whould do the horrific things you have done. I would expect such cruel acts from thugs, gangsters and the like who make their living off the suffering of others because they have no other talents or skills, but you didn’t have to go there and you did! What’s even more disturbing is that the NFL and NIKE are to this point standing behind you until the facts are settled in a court of law. Federal indictments don’t come down unless there is very strong evidence against someone. Come on, let’s call it for what it is, the good old boys of the NFL and corporate America are looking out for their financial interests at the expense of what is morally and ethically wrong. Makes me real proud to call myself an American. What a sad commentary on the state of this wonderful country and what our values are!

    Randy California

  13. Irene says:

    I think that letting Michael Vick continue to play football is opening the door for young people to think it is ok to do wrong. I do not think that he should be allowed to play. In most crimes committed the people that are with you become just as guilty as you are. This was done by his friends on his property, come on! no one is going to buy into he didn’t know what was going on. They are his dogs..

  14. Jodie says:

    I’m not sure what is more disgusting….Vick or the Atlanta Falcons football team for not firing him immediately. How much cruelty must take place before Falcon management takes a stand and states “Enough is enough. We will not tolerate such an “animal” on this football team”. Atlanta Falcons, do the right thing and fire him immediately.

  15. FLACO says:

    I disagree with everyone who says he whould be banned form the NFL… he should be allowed to play, definally he should… but without any protection helmet or pads, AND in chains. The opposite team should get razor blades added to the elbows and helmets. I’m sure he’ll love that touch.

  16. FLACO says:

    Just for the record, I will NOT watch any game, buy any merchandise, or wear anything related to the Falcons, that will include any sponsors. Will influence my friends to follow as well, till he’s out. The NFL should not allow this. Ya’ll should do the same

  17. Sandi Valenzuela says:

    As a breeder and exhibitor of purebred dogs, I am appalled at Michael Vick’s behavior. What kind of human being would do this to innocent animals. If he continues to play, my husband and I will no longer be watching professional football. Some of these over paid athletes think they can do anything. A few like Vick can ruin the reputation of many.

  18. Bev says:

    The Atlanta Falcons need to do the right thing and suspend Michael Vick immediately. The world is watching to see how the NFL, the Falcons, Nike and the other sponsors respond. We will no longer tolerate this kind of horrific behavior. This is not an “incredibly difficult decision.”

  19. Kris says:

    Vick is a thug. This proves it more than anything. This “ghetto-fabulous” lifestyle is part of the problem. People with nothing to do with their money but organize dog fighting rings?! I hope the Falcons fans BOO HIM RELENTLESSLY “if” he ever plays again. I will never buy a Falcons ticket or ANY merchandise EVER again if they allow him to remain on the team!

  20. Carol Musgrove says:

    Of course this low life Vick will start with the Falcons this fall, its all about money isn’t it? But if he does, the Atlanta Falcons are no longer welcome in my living room, one fan gone. What about the word FELONY? Can these overpaid babies just brush this aside? Have you ever seen a dog after being attacked by another, covered in blood and one leg almost pulled off. Hang ’em all.

  21. Gwinnett Dad says:

    Poor Arthur Blank. Through circumstances that he could not have forseen, he has been put in a unenviable situation. If he allows Vick to play while under indictment, for these horrendous animal holocausts, Arthur would be showing us just how morally bankrup he will have become. He’d be showing us that he’d rather have a vicious, inhumane animal torturer play QB for him so he can make a buck. Otherwise, if he sits Vick, or suspends him, his season, where winning means everything, is probably doomed.
    However, I believe a decent human being has no other choice than to suspend Vick until his name would be cleared by being found innocent. Otherwise, Blank’s hands become filthy and not worthy to be touched even after he would try to sterilize them.

  22. Frances M. says:

    I cannot find words to express how disgusting this whole thing is. for anyone to even speculate that he might be innocent must have a few brain cells gone. I think what he did to the dogs should be done to him and if he doesn’t perform as desired, then he could be electrocuted or bashed to death on the ground. Or better yet, let him die chained, living in his own filth, dying from infection and blood loss. No person with any compassion could not be disturbed by this situation.
    Site to e-mail the Commissioner

  23. Christa says:

    Michael Vick, rot in hell.
    Current mood: livid

    For anyone who doesn’t already know… Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons Quarterback, has been indicted on charges of running a dog fighting ring.

    Not only did this dog fighting ring involve kidnapping innocent bait dogs from random strangers (think of leaving your dog outside while you buy some groceries and coming outside to nothing), but any loosing dog (loosing, aka loosing him money) was tortured to death. Bait dogs teeth are often filed down, or their jaws are wired shut so they can’t fight back when the larger, fighter dogs attack. The average dog fight in the Vick residence lasts from 40 minutes to 2 hours.

    One specific dog is reported to have been body slammed to death, while others were electrocuted, hanged, etc. No less than 55 dogs were found on his property this year, up to 30 of them were already dead when found. Michael Vick is a registered breeder of Pitbulls.

    If you’re not vomitting yet… Michael Vick also had a website shut down -conviently soon after police got their first of two warrants to search his house – that was advertising the sale/purchase of pitbulls from the house in his name, in Virginia where the dog training for, and actual fights occurred.

    The NFL is considering letting him continue to play for the Atlanta Falcons. Other, unknown players for the Falcons are said to have been involved.

    May I remind the general public that is it a well known fact that most, if not ALL, serial killers begin their careers by maiming, torturing, and killing innocent animals.

    For example, David Berkowitxz (Son of Sam), claimed to have been told by a dog possed by the devil to commit all his crimes. Ummm, but we forget that it was actually just the head of a dog he cut into pieces first. Hmmm, lets see, Jeffrey Dahmer had a lovely collection of animals on stakes in his backyard.

    So not only do I believe Michael Vick was in this sick industry for the money (he bet upwards of $30,000 a fight), but I also believe he is a sick fuck who should rot in hell and be removed from society. Thanks.

    Good to know his millions are going to good use. What a team player.
    There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

  24. The Truth says:

    Can everyone please let Vick have his day in court? All of you are riduclous with your premature judments. Were all of you calling for Dany Heatly’s head when his fellow teamate was killed by him driving wreckless down Lenox Road at dangerous speeds? Heck no! If I remember correctly he had a boat load of support. The only time I recall anyone getting mad was when he left Atlanta because he didn’t want to play here anymore because of the support we gave him. I bet 90% of you posting didn’t care for Vick to begin with. Go ahead and admit it. But hey, as an African-American in the court of public opinion you’re guilty until proven innocent.

  25. Deanna says:

    I agree w/all of the comments. Vick is a low life scum. I cannot believe the NFL/Atlanta Falcons are considering letting a scumbag like this play. He should be banned immediately. I too will not buy any products that he has endorsed. I think he should lose his rights as a human being for such an unbelievable cruel act. What a piece of garbage he is!!!


    If Vick is playing for Atlanta no one should attend the games. The stadium should be empty. What is wrong with the NFL that they have not suspended him right now. The other NFL teams should boycott the field until Vick is gone. This is absolutely sickening.

  27. john says:

    I’m appalled by all of the responses calling for this man to be electrocuted, beaten, stabbed, cut and to die. You people should be ashamed of yourselves, not one of you know the facts of this case. Not a single one of you were there to know without a doubt that this man did this. But all are so eager to condemn him without due process that is afforded to each and every american. If he is truly guilty then he will be punished for these heinous crimes but until then you all are just showing how inhumane you are as well with these derogatory comments. Just remember you were not there and you dont know until all the facts come out, until then its just speculation on your and everyone else’s part.

  28. Bud in Raleigh says:

    Why is everyone so quick to jump to judgment? First, these allegations are from a grand jury indictment. As everyone should know, grand jury indictments can be bought as easily as a candy bar at the store. Is everyone’s memory so short that the fiasco in Durham is no longer remembered? Everyone in Durham…make that the world, condemned the three Duke, lacrosse players based on a faulty indictment.

    Let the legal system do its job and stop convicting the man in the press.

  29. Fritz says:

    Before suspending him forever—fine him 2 or 3 years salary and give to animal rescue groups, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals and other such groups. Make him work for free at clinics that take care of sick animals and if he so much as looks at a sick animal cross eyed, fine him another couple million!!!!!!

  30. The Truth says:

    Well Heather Mac. Four letters for you, LAPD, and one name, Rodney King. Everyone saw what those cops did to him, and look what happened. Are you kidding me? And PETA is a joke. Where the heck are they when innocent children are mawled to death by those dogs. An innocent little girl just got killed a couple of weeks ago by one! What does PETA have to say about that. And for all of people posting senseless comments about how Vick should be hung, electricuted etc… may God forgive you for your thoughts. Maybe you’re the ones that need to be thrown in the slammer. 99.9% of the country thought the Duke lacrosse players were guilty before the victim came forth and told the truth. So please, let Vick have his day in court. None of you people where there to see anything, so how can you be so judgemental?

  31. Nora Sinkankas says:

    The Truth of this matter is that there were 54 live, American Pit Bull Terriers, “some of which had scars and injuries appearing to be related to dog fighting”; 8 dead American Pit Bull Terriers; 1 “rape stand” – a device in which a female dog who is too aggressive to submit to male dogs is strapped down with her head held in place by a restraint; 1 “break” or”parting” stick, used to pry open fighting dogs’ mouths during fights; treadmills and “slat mills” used to condition fighting dogs; and other items were all confiscated on or about April 25, 2007 on a property purchased solely by Michael Vick. Now I suppose that one could argue that Mr. Vick “didn’t know” what was going on on his own property, but somehow I don’t think that is going to fly unless he can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that he has never set foot on that property one single second of one day since the moment he purchased it “on or about” June 29, 2001 and has never spoken with the men with whom is he accused. And thank you Heather for pointing out the obvious: it does not matter one iota what color his skin is, what color his eyes are, or what NFL jersey this man wears. This is NOT a race issue, but rather an issue of morals and ethics, right and wrong. I reiterate: when a policeman / policewoman fires their weapon in the line of duty, they are on paid suspension until completion of a full investigation. Why should an NFL player, regardless of the accusation, be any different?

    I am very disappointed that anyone has let their anger get the better of them in this instance because to insinuate that any of the things Mr. Vick and the other men are accused of doing to those poor dogs should be done to them only brings everyone down to the same depraved levels of this horrific occurrence. Everyone is mortified and disgusted by what has happened, but to add more violence to this situation in any form is not the way to improve the future for all animals as well as the future for the education of America’s impressionable children.

  32. The Truth says:

    To everyone against Mike Vick on this board, why are you all acting like this is the first time any of you have even heard about dog fighting? Do you know that this has been going on long before Vicks accusations? Are you aware of how many states this takes place in? I use to hear about dog fights all the time as a kid. Wow, so now this is an issue to you all. Were all of you trying to stop this cruel act before? How about this, why don’t we start a blog about bringing home our troops being sent over to fight a war. You want to talk about dog fighting which is cruel, let’s talk about this war that’s killed over 4,000 of our troops.

    To football fan, Vick has not apologized because he said that he was guilty, he apologized because of the negative media this whole fiasco has brought upon the team. I suppose had the Duke lacrosse players apologized before their case went to trial they would have been guilty to huh?

    To B, read message 41 and you’ll see what my comment of Rodney King is about. The fact that you say who cares about them being both black is legit. Black athletes have always been scrutinized in the media and held to a higher standard. Ted Williams once shot a bird to fans in Boston, and you know what, they have a freakin bridge named after him in Boston. Chipper Jones had a child while being married to his wife, and you know what, not once was he scrutinized in the Atlanta papers. Dany Heatly commited vehicular manslaugter by killing a teamate of his, and you know what, he wasn’t even charged for doing the crime. John Rocker made stupid comments about all kinds of races in a SI article, and you know what, he was still allowed to play baseball. I can go on if you like. But you probably don’t see things the way I do because we’re two different races living in one world that sees you and I differently. Don’t worry, and don’t try to figure this out, because it’ll never make sense to you.

    And your statement about pitbulls being owned by bad owners is a joke. I know and have heard a number of times how those dogs have turned on people. And yes, these were dogs that were owned by good owners. They were not in drug houses or trained to be violent as you say.

  33. The Truth says:

    Well Heather Mac, why bring up the whole OJ trial then? That whole case was about the race card and you know it. When OJ was found innocent, in my highschool we all jumped for joy, the whites, they all raised hell. The Rodney King trial was no different. When those white policeman beat a man’s brains out on video, only to receive a slap on the risk, my race went furious, yours, hm, they went on is if all were innocent to begin with. And simplest request? Heck, how many request did he have looking at the video. If I recall correctly, wasn’t he handcuffed? What the heck was he going to do to them? Had an amature video not been on the seen by a witness, you would have never heard about it. And don’t think for a second that was the first time an incident like that has happened. Crack head or not, the man is a human being. You mean to tell me it takes that many men to restrain one person? I can go on about incidents cops in LA, Chicago, NY, Cincinatti, etc. Heck, even all the wrong doings that took place against my race during the civl rights movement in which numerous men got off scott free only to smile leaving the court room. Give me a break. Your world is totally different than mine, so the fact that you don’t see things my way is not surprising. Why don’t you respond to my examples of the white athletes that were all guilty of their acts? Address that. To get back to animals, what’s your view on hunters killing deer and hanging their heads on the wall like trophies?

  34. The Truth says:

    And Heather Mac, blindly typing away? Are you kidding me? How about you read all of the post up to now and read how many say Vick is guilty already, and how many say let him have a day in court. Only you me and like 3 others out of 40 or so other posters are sensible in allowing him to have a fair trial. You say “others” in your post as if you were preferning to a big percentage on this board that want a fair trial.

  35. The Truth says:

    While everyone is on Vick and his accusations of dog fighting, why don’t you all do a bit of research on horse racing and tell me what you think. Look at how many horses are killed, and the way they are killed if they lose. And by the way, a nice sum of money is being transfered at those events. Just as with dog fighting, champion horses are bred to make other champion horses. Last but not least, if you believe the feds give a hoot about the way the dogs are treated, please, wake up, because you’re sadly mistaken. They could care less. This all boils down to the almighty dollar. The feds are most concerned with the untaxed money being made at these events. Do you all know what type of country we live in? It’s all about greed and money. Sad to say, but it’s the truth.

  36. The Truth says:

    Heather Mac. Two person contest? I didn’t say that. Maybe you need to stop blindly typing away and check message number 52 for who birthed that comment. And way off topic? This case is just the surface of things that run deeper than this case. Unfortunately, it appears you have tunnel vision and don’t see the bigger picture in these things. To refer back to your comment on OJ. Besides him being black, and a former NFL player, what does he have to do with Vick? Address that, and stop leaving yourself open with loose comments with no substance.

  37. GSDismylife says:

    I posted a comment sometime this past Thursday, but I feel the need to post another.
    I wondered how long it would take before someone stated that Vick was being picked on because he is BLACK. Cruelty knows no color line. Being BLACK has nothing to do with this accusation.
    As for wanting him to suffer the same fate as his dogs, I am all for it. In fact, I think all animal abuser and child abusers and wife beaters should be hung by the genitals, but those are just my thoughts regardless of who commits the crime.
    As for dogs killing, mauling, etc., that too is horrible, but as I tell my dog-training friends, dogs are just as vicious as their owners make them. As for pit bulls, we have had them in training class as puppies and they are very sweet and lovable. Of course, if they do bite, the damage is severe, but Vick’s dogs weren’t allowed to be kind. They were tortured.
    As for PETA, they do some good in showing what horrible things are out there, but they are too radical for me.
    I am just having trouble dealing with all the cruelty that MAN is able to dish out to the other living beings on this earth. I wish someone would find the gene that makes people horrid and remove it so this cruelty will stop.
    I do realize that Vick has not had his day in court, but he did not give those animals any help and I don’t care about condemning him before a trial. Accusations this severe don’t usually come out of thin air.


  38. J. Hill says:

    Micheal Vick was not happy just being a famous football player, instead he is now known as the “dog killer”. Isnt it clear that he has too much money and time on his hands. I can think of a lot of other things he could of done with his time and money. Michael Vick should no longer play for the NFL, and nothing he or anyone else can say will make me change my mind. He is a sick person, with no heart or BRAIN. The only thing I know is that what goes around, comes around. AND his day is coming!

  39. Nora Sinkankas says:

    Heather, you’ve asked the question that man has sought the answer for since the beginning of time. And yes, if someone does something wrong, they should be held responsible, with appropriate consequences, regardless of race, creed, financial background, job, religious belief, etc. and therein lies the problem with the “system” and our society in general. But that discussion is for another board. And you are right: if Michael Vick were not a famous athlete, the news media probably wouldn’t have touched the story because it wouldn’t bring in enough viewers, which is what it’s all about: viewers, which equals ratings. It’s likely Mr. Vick’s cousin would’ve garnered some media attention because he is the cousin of a famous athlete, but not nearly as much as Michael Vick. The irony here is, regardless of Michael Vick’s innocence or guilt, it’s likely he may be the best thing that ever happened to the underground world of dog fighting as he is going to shine enough light on it to shut down a very large portion of it…

  40. Terry says:

    The Truth said: “99.9% of the country thought the Duke lacrosse players were guilty before the victim came forth and told the truth.”

    No Sale. 99.9% of BLACK and LIBERAL Americans (including the lynch mob of Durham’s Black Community and the Media) thought the Duke Lacrosse players were guilty before the Black “victim” was caught lying. The rest of America reserved judgement, many voicing open skeptisism given the ram-road tactics of the media hype.

    The Truth said: “So please, let Vick have his day in court.”

    If you don’t show me proof that you got behind the Duke Lacrosse players when they first got accused more than a year ago, “The Truth”, you don’t get to make this statement.

    The Truth said: “None of you people where there to see anything, so how can you be so judgemental?”

    Because unlike you, I don’t trust the media who, having tried to nullify the judicial process in favor of a black prostitute, have clearly, along with the same racist “Black Community”, are trying to use race-card politics as a shield against one of their “own”. It’s interesting, indeed hypocritical, for these same sectors to be complaining about “injustice” where none exists.

    If anything, the cards are unfairly stacked AGAINST the prosecution in this case.

    1) Vick is a millionaire

    2) The media will try to diminish any evidence against him. That’s why you see them trying to shift this debate to race politics rather than evidentiary analysis, which was a weak point against the Duke players (when the media kept digging and insisting there was a MOUNTAIN of evidence), but is VERY strong against Vick (You notice the media is not interested in talking about WHERE the dog-fighting occured or where the dogs were buried, WHO owned the properties, HOW the dogs were obtained, WHO bankrolled the dog supplies, a paper/electronic trail extending across America, etc.)

    3) “African Americans” will scream bloody murder and taint the judicial process again. Many Americans are acutely aware that these “Hyphenated Americans” are the true racists and thus take their complaints in that vein.