NFL Talking About Suspending Vick

Vick to be suspended? 

In a move that should not come as much of a shock to anyone that is aware of the NFL’s new stances, Yahoo’s Jason Cole is reporting that Falcons QB Michael Vick will be suspended by the NFL following his indictment.  Vick was handed charges on Tuesday related to dog fighting and running a dog fighting ring on his property in Surry County, Virgina.  Cole states that commish Roger Goodell, who met with Vick in April, has been watching the situation carefully.

Cole quoted a league source in the article stating: “Where (Vick) is in the most trouble is that he lied to the commissioner,” the league source said. “He told (Goodell) in April that he didn’t know anything about this. The commissioner gave (Vick) every chance to come clean, be straight about what was going on. Instead, he just kept denying it.”   

What will happen now is anyone’s guess.  I would expect the league to sit back awhile and wait to see how fast things move, then make a decision on when and for what amount of time to suspend Vick.  Of course the president of the US Humane Society is telling Goodell to take immediate action, but no group is going to tell the NFL what to do at this point.

Vick has made his own bed, and now he will be forced to lie in it.  The basic story is that the Falcons put their trust in a man that was running a sick and twisted activity on his property that would land anyone in jail for a considerable amount of time.  How Vick thought he would get away with this forever is almost laughable.  He has continued to put a black eye on the league, the Falcons, and himself with stupid acts like the double middle fingers at his own fans, the whole “Ron Mexico” fiasco, the “water” bottle at Miami airport, and now this.

Atlanta has to do whatever it can to protect itself, and it may be wise to simply right now distance themselves from Vick and this whole case.  While they will no do anything drastic like release him, they are not going to go out of their way to send “best wishes” cards to him either.  Vick will have to pay for his crimes at somepoint.  It’s just a shame that the Falcons and the league are going to have to be dragged down with him to some extent.       

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10 Responses to “NFL Talking About Suspending Vick”

  1. carolyn appelman says:

    Mr. Vick is a morally bankrupt individual. He has no place as a role model to children and fans, and should not be associated with the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons, or “America’s Game.”

  2. Kim Holstein says:

    These are very serious charges. Even if he may not be an active partipant, he has to have knowledge of the fights and the conditions and treatments of the dogs. Once again, this is a case of an athlete thinking they are above the law. I believe he should be striped of the honor of playing in the NFL.

  3. Russ Loede says:

    Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, Ladies CALM DOWN !!!
    Vick made a big mistake but lets not go @ him that hard and say he’s the next “OJ” and its just dogs (for crying out loud!) … Woop-dee-do-wee ~ think about it a second ~ people go @ it everyday in a ring with Boxing, going @ each other for a kill, it’s much more punishing than a simple dog fight! It’s the same thing and people are unquestionably more important then that of a mere animal!!! All of you need to re-examine your remarks/comments and pipe down a little ~ Vick is not a murderer like Rae Curruth ~ just to give you a small Football example. Let VICK PLAY !!! I’m on his side ~ he can do his ‘Time’ in the off-season. Hey ~ Brett Favre cuts down forests and trees ~ what would you say then ~ he’s a ‘monster’ also and needs to pay and be kicked out of the NFL ~ all of you are way too funny, relax and enjoy the game! (Gab Report)

  4. Daniel Smith says:

    Just a bunch of thugs! The NFL should be ashamed!

  5. Tim Buie says:

    The only way Mr. Vick should be allowed to continue reaping the millions of dollars that he is paid to play a “Game,!” is too- be locked down in the same rape stand that these inhumane people use to breed the helpless dog’s and let soemone simply violate Mr. Vick! Dude, you should be ashamed of yourself!!!! If the NFL does not ban Mr. Vick’s- they will never see 1 dollar more from myself……..

  6. Brenda says:

    This man should be in prison and never allowed near animals again. He should never again play ball and we should figure out how much money he has and fine him that amount + $1.00 and give it to the SPCA and other fine orgainzations that care for animals. Who are his sponsors? Tell us so those who feel as I do will not purchase anything this man endorses!!!

  7. Denise Arthur says:

    You never think some of these pompous, above the law athletes can stoop any lower, then this. If the NFL does not suspend him immediately it is beyond any human dignity. To think this man would/could ever be a role model is disgusting. There lies a much deeper emotional problem with Vick that he could manifest such horrid, painful abuse on a loving, innocent animal. As to his NIKE sponsorship, I buy only NIKE products, but will stop and ask all my colleagues to boycott until NIKE pulls the plug. To think NIKE could even allow VICK to wear thier emblem, as does the remarkable, honorable, ethical, role model, TIGER WOODS is staggering. I wonder what TIGER thinks of wearing the NIKE emblem with someone like VICK sharing the same sponsor. Convict VICK and throw away the key.

  8. Russ Jones says:

    Why don’t you go hold your little pet/dog funerals for ’em… You’re taking this waaaaaaay out of proportion ma’am! Its a crime and he probably has to do the time ~ but he’s no barbarian. Vick just made a mistake and frankly – you have to give him a second chance period. As simple as that, let it go and move on ~ Why does Leonard Little still get to play football and all of you want Vick out of the NFL for his entire career… Little killed a couple of innocent people while driving drunk – under the influence of alcohol! That’s almost the worst you can get and they still let the “FOOL” play football in the NFL for all that he has sadly done! – that is waaaaaay more SERIOUS than this dog fiasco-situation all of you are making too big.

  9. B says:

    Good Lord! If two men engage in an ultimate fight bout or boxing match, it is consensual. Watch this video and tell me if these dogs had a choice. I dare you: *Warning: Video is not child safe*

    Make it through that OK? How ’bout this one?:

  10. Heather Mac says:

    Hey Russ, Russ, Russ, Russ, calm down buddy. Its not your fault that your brain can’t defend itself against the hard on you obviously get when posting these messages and watching Vick play. Relax buddy, calm down would ya? What has Mr. Vick ever done for you? Does he put food on your table? or clothes on your kids back? No? So why do YOU care? Why bring up the OJ trial in the fisrt place? What about your buddy Jeff Dahmer? Isn’t tourturing animals how he got his big start? Face it, some of our pro athletes have been let loose to act like animals, both black and white, and then they sit in a corner with thier thumbs in their mouth crying “I didn’t know”, “It wasn’t me.” Funny, my 3 year old neice said the same thing when she knocked over a glass. Vick is an over-paid cry baby and he’s gonna get what he deserves, regardless of how much $$$$ he has or how much you seem to “be in his corner”. We all have our opinions but yours was too funny to ignore…and by funny, I mean scarey ignorant. Thank you for proving my point…by the way, how many shots to the head have you taken without a helmet????