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Marvin’s On Field Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Four days away from the big game, and the two teams have gone through the circus otherwise known as “media day.” The big news from Tuesday seemed to be the lengthy interview that was given by normally silent Colts wide out Marvin Harrison. Marvin spent an hour at the podium on Tuesday, and actually was […]

Race Getting too Much Focus Already in Miami

The lull is over and the NFL is back at full speed ahead as we now have just less than a week till Super Bowl XLI. The teams have arrived, and today is the all important media day that will have goofs from MTV and Comedy Central asking questions along with real beat writers from […]

Thursday NFL News and Notes

This is usually the week of nothing around the National Football League for the most part. That week of the lull before the week of the build up to Super Bowl XLI which will start in earnest on Monday with everyone and their mothers brother reporting live from Miami for the entire week. With that, […]

McNabb Feels Shunned by Eagles; Reid

So after two straight seasons of his year ending early with an injury, Eagles QB Donovan McNabb is reportedly upset with the organization. Reports state that McNabb is bummed that the team would not let him fly with the Eagles on a plane to the Divisional Playoff game at New Orleans two weeks ago. The […]

Following the NFL Offseason Movement of Coaches

With the conclusion of the NFL season you can always expect change, and while this offseason has not been as active as last as far as the number of head coaches either getting fired or retiring, there has been some movement as of late. Monday two coaches became head coaches for the first time, as […]

Some More Conference Title Game Thoughts

Now that we all have had close to a day to digest the two conference title games as well as a busy Monday with a few coaching moves, here are some observations to chew on: I don’t want to harp too much and take credit away from the Colts offense, but have you ever seen […]

Tuna Swims Away as the Coach of the Cowboys

In the end Bill Parcells will be remembered as a solid coach that will one day be a Hall of Fame coach who was always fun to watch. But, while Parcells rides off in the sunset, leaving the Dallas Cowboys without winning a playoff game, his overall tenure in Dallas will be recalled with failure. […]

Colts Comeback Belongs To Peyton and the Offense

The NFL viewers had become so accustomed over the years to seeing Peyton Manning with that look of bewilderment on his face each and every time he faced the Pats, nothing Sunday seemed different once the scoreboard read 21-3 in the second quarter. How many of us out there thought – “here we go again.” […]